Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Papa


We celebrated Papa’s birthday this weekend. He was so lucky to have such beautiful sunny days to celebrate on! While we didn’t do anything super special, we did have a lot of fun playing and laughing.

Papa has a hard time watching me grow up. After all you know I am his little girl. He is the best Papa a girl could ask for. He is always there to read me my favorite book, play my silly pretend games with me, take me for a bike ride, or introduce me to something new.

I love watching sports with Papa, and especially when he lets me play the game too. Though my games are always imaginary, Papa will always throw the imaginary baseball for me to bat, or watch me dribble the pretend basketball. He always eats my imaginary food I cook, and tells me how yummy it is. When it comes to playing doctor, papa is the best patient, he is always so healthy too, and always very good about taking as many shots as I feel he needs to have, and yes, I can give lots of shots.

Papa makes sure I have everything I need, no, I don’t always get everything I want, but Papa is always thinking of what I need. I love it when he buys me clothes, you know sometimes he comes home and surprises me with a present.

He always lets me wear his baseball cap. He laughs as I wear his jacket everyday when he comes home from work. He even lets me wear his slippers, to prance around the house, and he even let me wear them this weekend so Mama couldn’t get me wet with the water balloons. Now that is a good Papa!

Happy Birthday Papa! I love you very much!

Selena (Your Little Girl Forever!)

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