Saturday, July 17, 2010

“Stop!” “Quit Breaking The House!”

All morning these are the words that we have heard. Including “Don’t huff and puff and blow his house down!” This has been Selena glued to the window all morning.


Can you guess what she is looking at? Do you really want to see? Now before I show you the pictures, let me tell you my windows, well they really are as dirty as they look, but not because I don’t clean them, because they need to be replaced, the seal has been broken so all this dirt has rested between the panes of glass and there is no way but to replace them to get rid of the dirt.

100_3204 Selena is watching this pile get larger and larger between our home and the neighbor’s home all morning, now she just insists that the piece of plywood is a wall.

100_3205 Our neighbor is having his house re roofed. She just knows that these crazy men are breaking his house. She has almost been in tears at times and has ordered me several times to go out and ask them to STOP breaking his house! I have tried to explain that they are not breaking his house, but she insists they stop, so I finally told her, “Selena they have to fix what they have broke, so they won’t stop now until they get it fixed, so that he doesn’t get mad!” Now he is the name for our neighbor if you haven’t guessed by now.

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  1. Very cute! I take it you've read her the three pigs story.

  2. Nice! Very nice! My kids would probably have reacted the same way.

  3. It's a great learning experience! When we had our house siding changed, we explained everything to Anna in advance, so she took it in stride. It was actually pretty funny when she would go to the backyard and instruct the workers "to do a good job, because we want our house to be beautiful".