Friday, July 2, 2010

Selena’s Restaurant

One thing that Selena does not lack is a very active imagination. The other evening she turned around and announced, “Welcome to Selena’s Restaurant.”

She brought us menus. We asked her what was on her menus. It took her a while to think about it, then she finally said, “Sandwiches.”

I ordered a grilled cheese sandwich, which Selena went right to work to fix. When she brought it to me, I complained that it was burnt. Selena’s eyes got real big, she grabbed the imaginary sandwich from me, and said, “Oh No, I will make it just perfect.”

She soon returned with the perfect grilled cheese sandwich. I then asked for a glass of ice tea. She quickly went and got me one. I then asked for a lemon slice, so again she obliged. When she returned I asked for sugar, which she went to get, on her way back to the kitchen I said, “Oh and can I get a pickle with that too?”

Selena brought me the pickle. I asked where my sugar was and she grabbed the pickle from me and returned back to her kitchen. She came back handed me the pickle again and poured sugar on it. I said, “I didn’t want sugar on my pickle, I wanted them separate.”

At that point she grabbed my hand that was holding the imaginary pickle with sugar on it, and she shoved my hand into my mouth, put her hands on her hips and walked off. Do you think she got disgusted with her first crabby customer?

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  1. LOL - you really made her reconsider her career choices, I think. When I tried to get creative with my restaurant choices, Anna sternly informed me that her restaurant serves only tea and cookies, and "you get what you get and you don't get upset". I think she is ready for Soviet-style catering.

  2. So, I got my kids a bunch of play food because they kept bringing me railroad tracks and saying, "Here Mommy, eat this soup." It was always soup. So now, every time we pack up to go somewhere (like today) they fill their backpacks with play food. I don't know why.
    Well, off to finish the final packing details.

  3. Very cute story! We playeda pretend place today as well. We played grocery store today.