Thursday, July 1, 2010

Just Some Fun Pictures

I use to keep in touch with some of my friends through Myspace, before all my friends migrated to Facebook. I had made the above slide show from Selena’s first trip to Spokane. There are a few from here at home thrown in as well. The people with Selena in the pictures that you will not recognize is my brother, the youngest of the 4 siblings ahead of me, Jim and then his son Chris.
I just loved how cute Selena was at this age. She was about 7 months old, her and I jumped in and drove over and spent a week over there. I will be honest, I had a hard time leaving to drive home. Oh of course I missed Michael and had to come home, but I do believe this was one of the best times I have had with my brother. You know it was just, well I guess it truly was the first time that we spent so much time together with none of the other family around, just him and I. We couldn’t have asked for better weather either.
Remembering this trip just makes me long for our vacation this August. We are going to be staying at Jim’s house while we are in Spokane. I really can’t wait for him to see how much Selena has grown.
Seeing the pictures of Chris with Selena, reminds me of when Kristi was born, Chris wasn’t very old himself, he use to think that I had a horse in my tummy with Kristi, I suppose the kicking must have made him think that, one time I was eating an apple, Chris announced, “Your baby is in your tummy with a plate and a fork waiting for the apple to drop, so it can feed the horse.” I don’t think there was a straight face in the room over that.
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  1. Awwww, what sweet pictures. I can see why you like them!

  2. Cute pictures. I sometimes miss baby stage, but then I remember the interrupted sleep and feel better. It's great that Selena is going to see Chris again.