Friday, July 23, 2010

Preschool Corner Week in Review

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As our little so called summer break is coming to an end with a much needed vacation to make it official, we wanted to use this week to tie up some of the loose ends from Selena’s preschool workbook but since we had nice weather on Wednesday we took advantage of that. While I would like for her to finish the last two sections of her workbook, I am not going to fret it if we don’t as it is a repeat of what we have been doing all year, except it is the letter Y and Z which I do believe she knows quite well.


We have been reading so many books in the last couple of weeks, not that we don’t normally read a lot but the last couple of weeks seem like they were almost double the amount of books that we normally read.

We also did a little reading test, so that I could determine which way we would go for our reading curriculum for this up coming year. I handed Selena the first reader from a first grade curriculum from Rod & Staff that we had stored in our garage. I told Selena to just start reading and to keep reading until she couldn’t read the words any more. She read close to half the book and surprised me that she was able to read some words that we haven’t even worked on in phonics, such as light. We made the decision that we will use this reading program for her, no since ordering another one, when this one appears right now to be right for her.



Selena has had fun learning to play Yahtzee this week. She is proud of her new game. To me this is just the next step towards her Kindergarten Math. She had no problem identifying the numbers on the dice from the dots, at a glance, she didn’t even need to count the dots to tell me what the number was that the dots represented. We first started by making straights 1-5 and then from 6-2. The next day I pulled out some actual Yahtzee score sheets and introduced the concept of only getting three rolls, and having to get as many of the same number as we can, then it was the next person’s turn. Selena did very well with the sharing concept of the game, counting her rolls and informing me when it was my turn. She also did very well at counting the dots on the dice to tell me what her score was. As we move along we will start introducing the bottom half of the game to her. Eventually I know that the strategic thinking will begin to kick in. I look forward to sharing my favorite game with Selena.


100_3215 In preparation for our vacation travels, I mapped out our travel plans for Selena. Without giving my plans totally away, by the time we come home from vacation Selena will have a great scrapbook of our vacation to add to her Geography/History postcard book. Check back for the updates to this project. There might be a surprise in our route home, as I was reminded of a different route we could take that is even more spectacular. You will just have to wait and see what route we come home in.


Science has seemed a little sparse here of late in our home. I had great hopes this summer to get outside and really explore for science, but the weather did not cooperate. We did however get out for a bit one evening to discover that some of the trees in our neighborhood are already changing color and loosing their leaves. We will be back on track with Science when we return from vacation, and we look forward to discovering all the cool stuff in our new Science book!


Selena’s imaginary play has become something else, it is so funny as she lays down for quiet time to listen to her. One day, it was all I could do to keep from laughing as I heard her from her bedroom, her little conversation went like this:

  • Selena, “Hi all my wonderful friends!”
  • Selena pretending to be her friends, “Hi, Hi, Hi, Hi, Hi, Hi!”
  • Selena, “Friends we really need to take a nap!”
  • Selena pretending to be her friends, “Ok, Ok, Ok, Ok, Ok, Ok!”
  • Selena, “Well, then shall we roll over and close our eyes? Does that sound like a good idea to you?”
  • Selena pretending to be her friends, “Sure thing, Sure thing, Sure thing!”

I think that was probably the cutest but funniest conversation that I have heard her have with her self and imaginary friends. Only children surely do very well!

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  1. I love how cooperative all her pretend friends are! :)

  2. Her pretend friends are quite agreeable!

  3. I just loved the last conversation. So did they all rolled over and closed their eyes? In our house it would rather be, "Let's all jump out of bed and start playing" :) It's awesome that Selena is so far ahead in reading.