Thursday, July 15, 2010

Learning and Imaginary Play

Yesterday ended up being a great day as far as learning and plain having fun. We even walked to the library. Selena is better about remembering when the books are due back then I am!

After our quiet time Selena insisted on learning her letters. I got out some of the supplement work from her Preschool material, but she wasn’t real interested in that, so we went to the white board instead. I made an A to show her the correct way to make an A, then Selena made two on her own.


She discovered B was a little more difficult so wrote a V instead. She did however practice lower case d and b.

This evening I could hear her asking Papa if she could be a rock star. Papa told her if she wanted to be a rock star, that was just fine. Selena informed him that she needed a guitar. Papa couldn’t come up with a guitar, so Selena went into her bedroom and suddenly we heard her making noises as if she was playing a guitar. She has played air guitar before, but this is the first time I have ever heard her attempting to make the sound. Pretty soon she announced she was going to sing, but first she would sing slow then fast. She started in, “This is my song and I sing it slow.” Then she started in again, “This is my song and I sing it fast.” both times she did sing slow for the first little song, then fast for the second little song. Next thing I knew I heard something funny around the corner, I went to discover this.

100_3197 Why she thinks she has to tug on our coats is beyond me, but that tends to be one of her favorite past times after Papa gets home. It usually starts with her running to grab  his jacket out of his hands so she can wear it around the house until he takes it from her and hangs it up, then pretty soon we find her doing this. If it isn’t his coat it is his baseball cap. Funny girl!

A little later Selena informed me that she was a school bus driver. I asked her what a school bus diver does? She said drives the bus. I guess I should have seen that one coming. I asked her what a bus was for? She said so people can get on it. I thing asked why do people get on the bus? She answered with, to sit in the seats. I tried to push the issue by trying to find out where the bus takes the people, but she threw her hands on her hips and announced, “The people just sit in the seats on the bus and the bus driver drives.” I guess they go no where!

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  1. Sounds like you had an active little girl on your hands. That's very good to hear, after all her not feeling well during the spring.

  2. Great picture of Selena "in action". Anna almost always has bursts of energy in the evenings and needs active games. Yesterday before playing with felt she was running back and forth between our office and kitchen pretending to go to work in the office then coming back 15 seconds later saying that she is going to have snacks with her coworkers. Then she was off "on a business trip". It's funny how she incorporates my life in her play :)

  3. The only reason my library books are on time is because I get an email reminding me.

    Princess sings all the time, maybe Selena and her can form a band.