Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Geography/History Utah


Jamie at Mama’s Playground sent us a postcard from Utah. Selena selected it to study this week in Geography. Jamie wrote a lot of interesting facts on the postcard, and gave some suggestions of things for us to look up. We looked up the Great Salt Lake, Bingham Canyon Mine, and also the Rainbow Bridge National Monument. Thank you Jamie for the wonderful resources!

Utah1 Selena loved all the different pictures on the postcard. She identified mountains, rivers, and the waterfalls.

Utah3She easily identified where the state is located on her map, well after she first mistook it for Wyoming, due to the square shape, so we had to re examine the shape of Utah, and she quickly discovered that the upper right corner of the state was missing and that it would not be square but a rectangle, then she went right to her US map and found it.

Utah2  We found a lot of interesting facts about the State, I think that Selena’s favorite fact was that their mineral is copper, which was represented by pennies on the site we were looking at. She then had to run and look for pennies, she wanted to glue them onto the page. I then had to explain that the glue would not hold the pennies on, so instead she decided to slip a couple of pennies into the pocket with the postcard.


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  1. If I remember right the Great Salt Lake is home to brine shrimp - better known as sea monkeys! How fun is that :)

  2. I love the picture in this post :) Selena does so well with her map studies. I wanted to let you know that Target has a lot of geography resources - I picked up a set of flashcards about the states, a workbook and a set of flashcards with landmarks of the world. If you don't have a Target nearby, let me know, and I'll get them for Selena.

  3. I picked up an extra post card, with Selena in mind, while I was in Kansas. Are you interested? Blessings!:)

  4. I picked up some postcards in New Mexico and Arizona if you didn't get any for those states yet.

    I didn't realize there was copper in Utah.