Sunday, June 27, 2010

Quick Note Update

While we have made the active decision that we will not be seeking another Occupational Therapist, and definitely will not return to the one we went to, we have made some progress on the food front.

After seeing the OT Selena started using some rude behavior as well as thinking if she tried something new she could play in her food. I confronted her, and asked her about these two areas. She informed me that she was being rude because the OT told her she was too polite. We discussed how there is no such thing, and that her manners are great. We also discussed how friends will be made through the use of good manners and how people will like her for not being rude. Those behaviors have quit.

I asked her why she thought she could play with her food and she informed me the Dr told her she could if she tries something new. I again reinforced that this was not what the Dr said, and we talked about ways that we could try new foods, use our manners and feel proud of our accomplishments. We have agreed to let her have a couple of chocolate chips if she tries a new food, and then eats her meal without playing.

So far she has tried peas, carrots, raspberries, green beans and for the first time took her vitamin without it being crushed and mixed into her food. A huge step towards discovering what she likes and truly dislikes. I do believe she did like the carrots and raspberries.

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  1. Who doesn't like carrots? I ask somewhat sarcastically.

    Even if the whole experience wasn't great, at least you got some ideas to use out of it.

  2. I am glad that Selena got to try some new foods and that you managed to nip bad behaviors in the bud. It's sometimes very difficult to counterbalance thoughtless words of others directed at our children.