Friday, June 4, 2010

Preschool Corner/Our Week in Review

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It has been a short week, with Memorial Day then a Doctor’s appointment for Selena but as I look on our week we did get quite a bit accomplished all the same. Selena is going through a stage where everything is, “I got something important for you Mama, let’s talk about something new, or let’s play sign language.” Everything in her world right now is just IMPORTANT!

We are learning sign language here. She just loves it, and though I have used signs with her since she was little, I believe now she is truly ready to get right in and learn. She informs me daily that “sign language is a form of communication.” She knows how to sign please, thank you, mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, boy, girl, funny, fine, the days of the week, yes, no, good, bad, eat, breakfast, lunch, dinner, play, people, friend, morning and night. I believe there are more signs, but I just can’t think of them off the top of my head.



We are reading continuously around here in our world. Selena is becoming more confident in her independent reading and is forever telling us what things say. One night Papa’s name was wrote on something, Selena informed us what was written on the paper except instead of a long i she used a short i, so his name sounded more like Mickle, I guess it was confusing since Michael really doesn’t follow the long vowel rule now does it.


I found a watch that we must of gotten out of a Happy Meal sometime, and gave it to Selena. It is a digital watch and while Selena doesn’t totally understand the concept of reading the time she is having so much fun reading the numbers to me. she will say it is 11:23 or sometimes just 56.


We revisited our science on how plants and flowers grow. It would have been fun if we could have done more hands on with this but our rains made that impossible. I am hoping for some good weather to come our way as we are all itching to get outside and explore. Papa even got Selena a magnifying glass so she should have a lot of fun looking for bugs and things.


Though we did not get a chance to visit our next State on our list with such a short week it was fun to hear Selena using some of her new found knowledge about the world around her into practical use. She talks so much about the things she is learning in Geography, volcanoes, rivers, flags, and is now beginning to realize in our travels, when we leave our town and enter the next town. She is beginning to learn all the names to the towns around us and announces them as we get to them.



We had fun with our egg surprise, and hey I must report that indeed the other two eggs that I thought were multi yoked were indeed so. That made 5 eggs in that one dozen. I believe the record is 6, so we were close.

We took a look at fire safety here in the home after Selena became so interested in this subject after watching an episode of Calliou. We read a couple of books and searched out our smoke detector then talked about the best plan to get out of the house. Selena had fun crawling along the floor to the exits.

We have a lot nearby that sells pinwheels, Selena is just fascinated with the lot. I thought it would be fun to make our own pinwheel. Our first attempt didn’t turn out super well, and in fact when I asked Selena to decorate it, she made one huge H and said she was done. We tried another one using a piece of scrapbook paper and had better success.

100_2935 100_2937

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  1. What a full week. The magnify glass is a great idea.

  2. Great pictures of Selena again - she looks like she was having a fun week :)

  3. Great week! You got a ton done for a short week! I learned sign language in college and love teaching Sammy new words :-)

  4. Looks like fun! My daughter is into watches, too, and is hilarious at telling time!

  5. I took two years of sign language in college and LOVED it. No need to worry about mispronouncing a word.

  6. Funny how similar our girls are...everything is IMPORTANT here too! I love how Selena is gaining confidence in reading!

  7. All of that Sign Language, that's fantastic.