Friday, June 18, 2010

Preschool Corner Week in Review

preschool corner

Selena had a great opportunity to visit her first BIG City, well from the car anyway. She didn’t see much on our way to Federal Way except for the Tacoma Dome, but on the way home she had the most beautiful view of the City of Tacoma. She shrieked from the backseat, “WOW! A BIG CITY!” Too bad traffic was heavy and I couldn’t get into a lane to exit off to show her a little more, but we will be seeing Tacoma a little better next month when we take her up there for her other Doctor’s appointment.

Tacoma This is a picture I found on the Internet, don’t think I was driving 60 mph in traffic taking pictures at the same time. Tacoma is the third largest City in Washington, Seattle being the first and Spokane being the second. Boy that reminds me of our vacation, I wonder what she will think when she sees Spokane?

She did get to see the new Light Rail, which to be honest with you I had never seen before and must say I was a little disappointed. Maybe it is because it is the first ever Light Rail I have ever seen or maybe it is the way they have it painted, I was not impressed at all.


Then of course she thought the Tacoma Dome was neat, but only because it had the American Flag on it.


She claims she saw a castle, but I don’t know what building that was and didn’t see it myself, other then an old warehouse that burned a few years ago. So I don’t know if that is what she seen or something I missed. She is still talking about her trip to the Big City though. I look forward to actually taking her into the Big City next month, and then to Spokane when we take our vacation!


Let’s see what else did we do this week. We worked on our reading, and I love how now when Selena’s High Five magazines come in she can’t wait to have every single page read to her, every single story no matter how long it is or how short. When we first started getting these magazines for her, she would quickly thumb through and hand pick the pages and activities she wanted to do, now she wants the entire magazine.

There are so many words that Selena reads so independently now, and she isn’t afraid to let you know that she can read them. When we read books now most of the time she is reading as many of the words she knows in the book and then looks at me to read the words she doesn’t know. She is so close to being able to read most any book put in front of her. I have enjoyed watching her learn at least one new word a day. I must add that Selena can now write her name all by herself, she is just working on the self confidence to write it when we ask her too. She has wrote it several times, so we know she can.


We really didn’t do much in the areas of Math or Science. Well, I suppose looking at Selena’s x-rays can count for science. She thought that was pretty cool, and kept informing me that she was seeing her stomach. We have the CD with the films from both her x-rays and ultrasound on it. I wanted to try to copy the picture into my pictures for my post yesterday, but wasn’t able to.

Play, oh we have had a lot of fun playing. From working puzzles, playing tic tac toe, to playing with all of Selena’s dolls, stuffies, well, you name it we’ve done it. Selena is so cute when playing tic tac toe. Her and Papa had quite the match going on the other night. The first game Papa won, then Selena won the second game. Papa won the third game, Selena at first shrieked with excitement as if she won, then realizing she didn’t her tone turned into a sigh of disappointment. If that wasn’t enough she started an argument with Papa trying to explain to him how she did indeed win the game.

We did work on another section of her preschool workbook. We are down now to the last 4 letters of the alphabet, and much of it is a repeat of everything we have covered this year, so I am stretching it out as long as I can. Selena loves working on her workbook pages, so she gets quite excited when I pull it out.

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  1. You'll have to let us know all about Spokane. We usually just drive straight through it on the way to Grandma's, but if there's something really interesting, we might pull off the freeway :)

  2. I loved the pictures at the beginning of your post. According to my kids that's where you live.

  3. It's great that Selena is so close to reading independently. She definitely takes a very different road, which only proves that every child is very unique in their road to reading. Anna reacted very similar to Selena when we took her to SF - she just kept repeating "wow! we are in a real city!" Pretty funny considering that San Jose has more people living in it than SF :)

  4. Hehe, i love that she think she saw a castle ;)

  5. Stopping by from preschool corner...we visited Tacoma and Seattle a couple of years ago; it was so much fun.