Tuesday, June 29, 2010

An Evening of Play

Selena found her apron tonight, not that it isn’t always in plain site or anything. Still she was pretty excited. She then had to go on the hunt for her chefs hat.

100_3069She cooked us a full meal of cheese sandwiches and apples. They were yummy too for imaginary food!

100_3076  No sooner was this game over then she decided to go from chef to doctor. She checked our eyes, foreheads, cheeks, mouths, chins, and all with her stethoscope. Then she decided to check on Papa’s white spot and his brains as she informed us.

100_3079 100_3081 She then decided we all needed shots, one in each arm, oh and one in our nose. I tried to argue the fact that I didn’t need a shot in my nose, that my nose was perfect just the way it is, and she informed me that my nose wasn’t perfect, not one bit. If that wasn’t enough her and Papa got in a fight over her band aide. He asked her to put it on his toe, which she obliged, but then she got mad when he put his slipper on and didn’t give her the band aide back first.

We just love her creativity in everything she does!

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  1. We frequently find things right in plain sight.

    How's Selena doing today? Sounds like she perked up some in the afternoon.

  2. Anna loves an opportunity to engage us in her play too - that's when she whips up her doctor kit. It's great that you spent a nice evening playing as a family.

  3. Don't you just love those games, the way they lift and stretch your eyelids and other facial features is just hilarious. :)