Saturday, May 22, 2010

What We Are Reading

Selena learned her first lesson on library fines this week. Ooops, I didn’t realize we had two books that were over due a few weeks back. Our library doesn’t demand payment until your account reaches a certain amount. We had already returned the books, so I was surprised when I went in to check and see what day our books were due for this week, to discover we owned 60 cents. I explained this to Selena and she asked for her piggy bank, but I refused to let her pay the fine out of her money and gave her the 60 cents which she informed the librarian, “I have fines to pay. I am sorry!”

Youreloveable You’re Loveable to Me by Kat Yeh illustrations by Sue Anderson, is a cute simple read about how a Mama’s and Papa’s love never changes for their children no matter what they do or how old they are. Selena truly enjoyed the illustrations and the story.

sidandsam Sid and Sam by Nola Buck illustrations by G. Brian Karas was a different book. The first time reading through it I felt like I was reading a tounge twister and the book didn’t make any sense to me at all. The more we read the more it fell into place. This might be a first time reader you would want to really read carefully with your child before they read it independently.  Selena loved the book though and has asked me to read it to her many times.

biscuit Biscuit’s New Trick by Alyssa Satin Capucilli illustrations by Pat Schories was Selena’s pick. She pranced over to me after finding this book, and announced, “Mama a new Biscuit book, can I get it?” Of course we brought it home. Just like all of the Biscuit books this one was a simple read and very cute. I thought it was very interesting that Selena is discovering which books are which either by title or by character.

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  1. The first one on your list looks like it would be a hit here. My youngest two are insecure this week, because we're changing rooms around - a title like that, might help calm things down :)

    It's very sweet of Selena to want to pay her own library fine - so responsible!

  2. I want to look for "You are loveable" - sounds like a true winner. Sorry about the fines - we sometimes end up with them too, mostly when we rent DVD. It's nice that Selena felt sorry for not returnng books on time.

  3. Biscuit looks cute! I'll have to look for those ones!

  4. Just read a post about this book: Sometimes it's Grandmas and Grandpas: Not Mommies and Daddies by Gayle Byrne on No Time for Flashcards

    Thought about you! Have you read it yet?

  5. I'm laughing at Vanessa's comment because I just saw that same book at our library and checked it out thinking of you.
    I think I have a book with that same illustrator amongst our Easter books.

  6. I always get stuck with fines when we rent DVDs. They are due in only a week and I always forget.

    How cute that Selena wanted to use her own money, my daughter would have never even thought of that! LOL!

  7. Just put You're Loveable to Me on my list to find - I like to buy a love-themed book for each child's birthday each year. Looks promising - this may be gift-wrapped soon! Thanks!