Friday, May 21, 2010

Preschool Corner/Week in Review

preschool corner

Papa has been out of town all this week on a business trip, so Selena and I have just enjoyed being together, not that we aren’t always together, but this week just seemed more relaxed. We didn’t have to worry about the housework being done before Papa gets home, or having dinner ready to go on the table. Yes, the housework did get done everyday, but usually not until just before bed.


We have been enjoying our Summer schedule of reading at leisure. We have fun taking turns reading books together. Usually we start reading, and all the words that Selena knows she reads out loud, then I read the ones that she doesn’t know. There has been a lot of the words that I read that she is starting to pick up now. She has grown a fondness to long words, so we have been looking at syllables, she loves to pick a word and have me break it down by syllables, especially if it is a word she stumbles over the pronunciation. Once the word is broke down in this manner she then can pronounce it perfect. This is the same technique I used to teach her how to say her name.

She still practices her letters and numbers everyday. This is still just an area she does on her doodle pad, and in her drawings. We still are not really pushing this skill. She can write her name now.


Selena is becoming more proficient with simple addition facts. She is beginning to really wrap her mind around the written equation, and is able to figure the answer out with manipulates. She understands subtraction as far as if we have two of something and take one away she can tell me how many is left. The written equation however, throws her for a loop. I throw them in though as you never know when this area will just click as well.


100_2797 I had my beam on her!

We looked at how the Earth rotates around the Sun, to answer Selena’s question of why her shadow moved. I still am looking for the perfect sunny day so we can go out and trace her shadow throughout the day so she can see the differences throughout the day. I thought it was so funny after doing this little study that Selena woke up one morning almost in tears, “My dark is gone!”


100_2821 She has just been memorized with my mountains or volcanoes!

What would this week have been without joining the rest of the Washingtonians in observing the 30th anniversary of the eruption of Mt Saint Helens, so that is exactly what we did. I hope to revisit this and make our own volcano, when we can take it outside!


Selena loves to spend hours playing with many of her toys now. Some days are better for this then others. I suppose since she plays with them in the living room, where we are at, it doesn’t seem to her like she is all alone playing. We love to listen to her made up stories and to see how she interacts with all her little dolls and little people or her stuffies.

Selena discovered the shower this week. She now loves to take a shower and has decided to remove her bath time toys from the bathroom informing me she is never taking a bath again, only showers now. We will see about that, I expect one day here she will run and grab her bath time toys and beg for that long bath and water play time.

100_2805Selena is ready for dinner!



The top picture is Selena at play!

This picture is probably my favorite one taken this week. I think it just represents Selena and her desire to take in the entire world around her.

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  1. My boys randomly really want to take showers as well. But they take a mountain of toys in with them, and a several cups.

  2. What a great relaxed week. I was just commenting to Lars that Anna can play by herself very nicely provided that we are in the same room. It's awesome that she practices writing so much - she will probably just take off with these skill when she feels comfortable.

  3. I know exactly what you mean about a relaxed schedule while your husband was away - when Doug is gone, I always do the laundry after the kids are down to bed, and we eat dinner whenever we're hunger. But, it's always soooo nice to have them home again, too.

    That last picture of Selena is very cute.

  4. Mountains and volcanoes would be so fun to learn about! Dont you love how they have their own interests like that? And that IS a great picture of Selena! I love it!

  5. Mountains and volcanoes would be so fun to learn about! Dont you love that they have their own interests like that? And that IS a great picture of her!

  6. Hey again, Debbie! Its funny because i am actually making these volcano meatballs for dinner tonight and i just wanted to give you the link in case it'd be something you'd want to do with Selena since shes into volcanoes :)