Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thank you Ticia

I recently won the giveaway that Ticia had at Adventures in Mommydom. I was excited and wondered just what I might get. I finally decided on this for Selena.

Pink Brick Box Large

Selena gets all excited when boxes arrive at our door and this morning was no exception. We always try to guess what is in the box before we open it. When I shook the box Selena announced it was popcorn. Even after I opened the box and pulled this out she still didn’t know what it was.

100_2783 She was all excited but still had that look on her face that told me she didn’t quite understand what it was.

100_2784 100_2785

It wasn’t long after I opened the packages, and showed her how legos work that she was off on her way.

100_2786 100_2787Right now she is all over the horse and little man that rides on his back. I promised her a little later today we will pick a project out of the little book and make a house. I hope this brings her hours of fun. 

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  1. Anna LOVES her Legos. I am sure Selena will have truly hours of fun, because possibilities are endless. According to Lars, you can build anything out of Lego - he proves it quite often to Anna. His last creation for her - a wheel chair for her sick Lego and Playmobil people.

  2. congrats! Sammy is a huge lego fan too :-)

  3. Fabulous, we love Lego here :)

  4. Legos are a great toy. I hope Selena really does enjoy hours of fun!

  5. So glad she likes it, I think Princess is our biggest Lego fan in the house. Excluding me of course.