Monday, May 10, 2010

Nautical Clock Review

After getting Selena the Bin for her toys, I still had a little left that I could spend. Now I really had my eyes on this purse at

Stamps and Letters Fold Over Tote Bag

If you know anything about me though you will know that I always put those I love before myself, so no, I did not get the purse. That is not to say I won’t someday go and purchase it since my dear husband did not get the hint and buy it for me for Mother’s Day.

About 5 years ago while we were childless, we got to spend a lot of time with some friends on their mini yacht. On July 4th of 2005 we went with them by boat to Gig Harbor. While there I found this Nautical Clock for Michael and gave it to him for his birthday. The poor clock has seen it’s days though, and in the last couple of years has been knocked off the wall, knocked off a shelf, and well from the picture you can see it has truly seen its days.


While looking through I found a clock just about like it. I was thrilled as I never thought I would ever find one like it again. Even though Michael’s birthday is still a few months away I had to get it for him. After all I was the one that broke his clock.

100_2776 You can see the only difference in the one from is it is silver. If he wants it to be gold we will get a can of spray paint and fix that! Both of these clocks cost about the same amount, but I discovered many differences and must say if I could have compared both these clocks upon my original purchase I would have chose the silver one from over the gold one to begin with.

The clock from is of much better craftsmanship and of better quality. The first notable difference is in the weight, the one from seems a little lighter in weight, but upon further investigation the assembly of the clock is much better.

2010-05-10Would you believe on the gold clock the peg stand was just glued in to the back of the clock. That glue got old and of course the stand fell out. The silver clock however has a rubber tip on the end that inserts into the clock, making the peg stand sturdier and in my opinion will allow it to last longer. The second thing I noticed is that the gold clock use to have several knobs that stuck out the back of the clock for adjusting the time, alarm etc. The silver clock all these knobs are plush with the back of the clock, making them less likely to break off. I did find it a little more difficult to set the time, because I didn’t think about doing it while I had the clock face out of the casing to put the battery in, so I did have to take the clock apart again. I will add though if you were going to use this clock on a boat, you would want the knobs to be flush, and not be sticking out, those rough seas can really do a job on anything you have on a boat.

Over all my satisfaction with this product from is great! I would purchase from them again. Maybe I will just have to go buy this purse for myself! Dear husband of mine, when you read this remember this purse would still make a great surprise for me!

Yes, and by the way my husband did get his birthday gift early and he really does like it!

Here is a question for my readers: Should we paint this clock gold or leave it silver?

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  1. What a neat clock! I'm glad you were able to find a second one.

  2. I'd need to see the room it's supposed to be in. I like the gold, but I think the silver could grow on me.

  3. I like the clock - it's great that you could find something that will be exciting for both of you. I also like your detailed reviews where you explain what you like and dislike about the products you buy.