Thursday, May 13, 2010

Preschool Corner/Week in Review

What can I say we have had another great week! Our little learning style is sure changing here to a full fledge Selena lead learning environment. I must admit I love it!


I have to admit this is probably the first week, we did not do much in this area. Outside of Selena spelling words for me while we were out and about then asking me to help her sound them out. She got confused at one store as there was a sign that said Food Mart, but the way it was made it looked like one word. Once we broke it down together, she realized it was two words, then freely read it the next time she seen it on the front of a convenient store. She reads more and more when we are out and about, from all the signs she sees along the way or in the stores.


Selena’s math is really getting to be very hands on. She enjoyed counting everyone’s eyes, noses, mouths, ears, hands, fingers, feet, and toes, to figure out how many we had all together. She is getting pretty good at figuring out the smaller equations on her own. She did inform us though that Papa’s feet does not count if he is wearing his slippers, the slippers must come off, but my socks are ok. Go figure! She even pointed out that we have a total of 4 blue eyes and two brown eyes. I thought that was pretty observant. While playing Jump Start on the Wii, the game she was in asked her if she wanted to play numbers from 1 to 5, 3 to 6, or 5 to 10. I didn’t even get a chance to read any of this to her when she spoke up and informed me I want to play the 5 to 10 level.


Selena enjoyed her trip to the fish “factory” as she has now began to call it. We look forward to getting her out fishing a bit more this summer.

100_2725 It was hilarious how they had this sign, you couldn’t get a good picture of it as a fence was only a foot away, so I reached around with the camera and snapped this. It is suppose to tell you what type of fish they raise there, but as you can guess we never were able to really read the sign.


We took a tour of the tallest Lighthouse in WA state. It was very fun, and Selena managed to climb all 135 steps both up and down. She really did very well overcoming her fears on the way down. She also learned some interesting facts, maybe not as much as we brought home, but she now knows and has an appreciation of Lighthouses.

100_2759 Selena informed me that I had to take a picture of her at the sign even though the sign really didn’t say anything about the lighthouse! I guess she gets that as I usually try to get a picture of her next to signs that have information about the place we are at.


Selena enjoyed her day at the beach and I believe filled her car seat with half the sand from the beach. Don’t we always bring home more sand then we would like to after visiting the beach? She insisted she got mosquito bites, though there were no mosquitoes.

100_2737 100_2754 100_2755

As always Selena enjoyed just being with us out in nature. She loves to look around at all the different things she can find. She always asks so many questions, and even  points out things we don’t see. She is learning to love the world around her.

100_2751 100_2748

We are coming to a point now with our little school that I believe you will be seeing more science, nature, and some geography/history just around our home. I will be keeping the Geography/History linky going through the summer, and would love to see your vacation, or outdoor travels and learning linked up to it as well as any other geography or  history lessons you learn. I really am seeing us moving more into an unschooled or almost unschooled method, so I am taking this summer to research, read, and get something put together for next year. If any of you have suggestions let me know.

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  1. WOW, what an amazing week! Isn't it fun to let the kids lead the way when it comes to learning! Selena is a smart little girl!

  2. I always crack up at signs that are put in such a way you can't really see them.
    It also amuses me because from what I could see of the sign it was a generic sign for fish hatcheries in the state.

  3. I loved the outdoor pictures - it's awesome that you can spend this time with Selena enjoying life outside. I think unschooling will work great for your inquisitive little girl.

  4. I think it really is a lot of fun to explore when you let them lead. I love your outdoor adventures.

  5. I think it takes a leap of faith and trust to unachool. But once you do it, it's liberating and everyone is happier learning!

  6. Sounds like you had a great week! I always loved going to fish hatcheries with my family when I was young. We're thinking about going to a shrimp farm next week. Hmmm...we'll see. Blessings!:)