Friday, May 14, 2010

Books Selena MUST Have

I always try to rotate out the books that Selena has around the house as her reading materials. There are however three books that are untouchable by me. These are kept by her bed. Now let me explain why I find this so funny. These are books that Selena never enjoyed having read to her. She still refuses to let me read them to her. The only reason I can think she likes these books now, and they are becoming her so called independent readers is because she can read either the name of the book, or most of the words in the books by herself. The other hypothesis I have come up with is the illustrations lead to many different stories that she can make up for her stuffies.


I know most of you are familiar with all of these classics. The Cat in the Hat, was always one of my favorites. Can you imagine any better way to spend a rainy day then to have a visit from this wacky character and his two friends Thing One and Thing Two?

Greeneggs I have seen many who have used Green Eggs and Ham for different stART projects, or at other times through the year like St Patrick's Day. Selena really loves all the different ways that Sam I Am tries to get this funny character to eat the Green Eggs and Ham. We will hear her saying all the opposites at night, like over and under, up and down, etc…


ican I really like this book as a way to introduce children the possibilities of what reading can hold. I think it mentions about everything one can discover just from learning how to read.


There you have it. The three books that Selena will not let me touch! She has fun with them though, and we hear her every night shuffling through these books, making up stories, or reading what she can. She refuses to bring them out of her bedroom, and how dare anything happen to them. These are “HER” books and nobody but nobody better touch them!

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  1. My oldest has always been that way about a few of his books. He still keeps track of where they are, even though he outgrew many of them, ages ago.

  2. What perfect books for her to claim as untouchable. It could be like my sons fav. Everyone Poops. We read this ALL the time. Ugh!

  3. I was like that too. My kids haven't quite gotten to the "don't touch my book" stage on any yet, but I'm sure it's coming. The closest we've gotten to is some books that they don't want to take back to the library.

  4. How interesting! Anna is this way about the books on her "night shelf". Only she decides what goes there and what leaves. She never really warmed up to original Cat in the Hat story, but she enjoys Cat in the Hat Reading Library stories where Cat doesn't make any messes.

  5. We love the Dr. Seuss ones, too! I love the image of her sitting in bed reading them to her stuffed animals! How precious!