Friday, April 16, 2010

What We Are Reading

Selena did not want to take any of her library books from the last couple of weeks back to the library. Yes, she wanted more books, but I limit how many books we have in the house from the library so that we don’t lose track of them all. We enjoyed reading these books over and over again.

For Easter though we picked up a couple of books to go in Selena’s Easter basket. We were worried at first that they might be to hard for Selena but she certainly proved us wrong there.

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Both of these books are hidden picture books. The pages are just as busy as the covers are, but very beautiful. Papa and I had a hard time finding a lot of the objects on these pages, but boy not Selena. Sure it took her a little longer then the hidden picture pages in her High 5 but she never gave up until she found all the hidden pictures. These books held her attention for hours of fun this week.

I would recommend these books if you have a child who is intent on solving hidden picture puzzles. I don’t know that I would consider them for a child who struggles with simple hidden picture puzzles. We will be looking for more books like this for Selena as now that she has found all the objects, she has also memorized exactly where they are on the pages. Now if only I can find all the objects just to prove I can keep up with her.

To see what others are reading in their homes visit Natalie at '>Mouse Grows Mouse Learns. I am also linking up to Feed Me Books Friday

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  1. Princess would be jealous. The early hidden picture books are too easy for them, but I've tried them on ones like that, and it still seems a little difficult, but that was a few months ago. Maybe it's time to try again.

  2. I think Savvy would also really enjoy these hidden puzzle picture books. We have similar sorts of books that really hold her attention.

    Thank you so much for your well wishes regarding the arrival of Taleea. We really appreciate your kind thoughts.

  3. Thanks for the recommendations. We could use some books that would keep the little ones busy, and happy, while I'm working with the older children's school work - these might be just the ticket.

  4. Emily has the Elmo one and she loves it!

  5. I love those books! Sammy loves those hidden picture books! He has a Disney Cars one and love finding all things Lightning McQueen related :-).

  6. Thanks for joining WMCIR this week. It's great that Selena loves these books. I have tried a few from the library, but Anna is very lukewarm on them - she doesn't enjoy hidden pictures nearly as much as Selena does. However, she does have a coloring book with hidden pictures and is more interested in it lately.