Saturday, April 17, 2010

Just Some Photos

As I said in a previous post we did a lot of playing, that is normal for around here, we just didn’t really do any formal learning. I thought I would just share some of my favorite photos from this past week.

100_2482 Our little performer!



Having fun with Papa!



Her hair is finally long enough for two pony tails! She informed me that she felt like a lady now!


I just love this picture of my carefree little girl!

Selena kept me in stitches this week with some of the cute things she came up with.

Me: “What do babies grow up to be?” Selena: “Granddaughters!”

She drew a rocket ship with her sidewalk chalk, “It’s blasting off!” Me: “Where is it blasting off to?” Selena: “To the moon!”

Papa: “Is the moon a light?” Selena: “Yes, it’s off now.” Papa: “Do you turn on the moon?” Selena: “Yes!” Papa: “How?” Selena: “I don’t know, I just smile!”

Papa carpools with a co-worker, sometimes he drives and other times she drives. Selena upon waking up informed me that Papa walked to work since his van was outside. I said I thought he went with his friend in the white truck. Selena informed me, “No there is no white truck only white hair!”

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  1. Wow - she really is growing up! I was going to say that even before Miss. Selena informed you herself. And I do love the pigtails - her hair is getting so long. She's just so darn cute! What-say we "arrange" a marriage ~ her & Bubby!! They're both just so adorable!! :-) She has such good things to say (like you quoted in this post) she can be the talker of the two!! Heehee. Good plan, eh? Only they'll have to wait till they're like 35 or so, since neither you or I want our kids to move away!

  2. What a cutie! I love the pig tails!!

  3. Oh, I love that she turns on the moon with her smile! That is beautiful.

  4. She is definately growing up to be a little lady! Such a cute little girl, enjoy her each and every day. They do grow up sooo fast!

  5. Princess won't let me put her hair up in pig tails, and I'm jealous you can. I think they're so cute.

  6. Great pictures! We are hit-and-miss on ponytails - Anna really doesn't like anything in her hair, but she got better about them lately. Selena's sayings crack me up - she is just a bright girl.