Friday, April 9, 2010

We Have Appt and Good News!

I had made Selena an appt at our local medical clinic to have her ears checked before the weekend with this cold that she has. We did get a prescription should we need it, but at this time the Dr didn’t feel there was an infection. At least we are covered should her ears get worse.

After the appt. I had a message on my phone from her Pediatrician’s office to call Seattle Children’s Hospital to make an appt. I was confused just a bit, as Children’s told me yesterday they would call me. Anyway I called and we got the appt set for May 7.

Now for the best part, we do not have to drive the 104 miles to Seattle, they are going to get her in at the Satellite office in Olympia! What a relief! I was definitely dreading the drive up North.

Now hopefully our weather will hold out so we can get to the daffodil parade tomorrow. 

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  1. This IS great news. I hope that your weather is good tomorrow - our cold and rainy weather is going to come back for the weekend. NO FAIR!

  2. I hope her ears stayed clear. What great news that you don't have to drive so far!