Monday, April 5, 2010

Simple Science/Measuring

Selena has been running around measuring everything lately. We got to playing around last night with seeing how tall she is, how big around her head is, the list went on and on.

Today she lined up three different size books and was telling me which one was small, big and biggest.


I decided to use this as a great time to introduce Standard and Nonstandard measurement. After measuring quite a few things we grabbed Selena’s blocks and used them to measure with. I explained that the blocks were nonstandard measurements.

100_2339 We first attempted to measure the book with Selena’s measurer as she calls it!




We used two different size blocks to measure the book, and Selena counted how many blocks she used each time.

100_2343 She then had fun measuring the blocks. She found it interesting that the smaller blocks actually were one inch meaning that she used the same number of small blocks as the number on her measurer for the size of the book.

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  1. It's interesting - Anna didn't care for non-standard measurement at all. She only wants to use her ruler to measure everything and very excited when she can lay her hands on a tape measure :)

  2. Huh, didn't know they were 1 inch.
    I don't really think we've even touched on measurement here at all, someday I should with them. They'd love it.