Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter


This Easter has started out to be a very exciting Easter and probably one of the best Easter Day we’ve had with Selena. Easter here tends to be cold, rainy and/or rainy. While it is cold and wet outside, and Selena is fighting a cold, there was so much excitement in the air.

Selena really did not anticipate a visit from the Easter Bunny, we just didn’t talk about it before even though she had her picture taken with him. She just shook and gleamed with joy when she found her little basket. The little lamb above says Happy Easter and it’s cheeks light up.

100_2330 Rather then a lot of toys or candy, we always stuff her plastic eggs with coins and a dollar or two. This year she got a 5 dollar bill and some loose change.

100_2331 She was so excited it truly was hard to get good pictures. She was just shaking and moving through so fast.

100_2332 100_2333 100_2334 Her largest gift was two hidden picture books, one Elmo and the other Disney Princess. They stuck up from her tiny basket, but she was so excited with everything else that they were the last thing she found, and then at that we had to point them out to her.

100_2335 Then of course we had an Easter Egg hunt. This is the only picture I got of this as Selena was running around the house so fast that it was hard to keep up with her.

Now off to celebrate the true meaning of Easter, for surely


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  1. What a wonderful Easter! We're waiting for my Mom to get here before we start our hunt.
    He is Risen Indeed!

  2. I'm sorry Selena isn't feeling well, either. But, it looks like she enjoyed her Easter basket :) He is risen indeed!

  3. Oh how totally cute!!! True, Selena's moving quick in those pictures- but it's easy to see what a good time she's having!!!
    Sorry I never got the chance to get the Easter basket game into place on my blog! I'm not a real master of blog/computer stuff- I can do it, but it takes me awhile and I just didn't have time yesterday. Again, sorry about that.
    Thanks for sharing about your Easter! Hugs to you & Selena!

  4. What a fun Easter Sunday! Its usually cold here.. but this year we were blessed with some amazing weather! I love the blurry picture of Selena running around finding eggs!

  5. Fun pictures - clearly Selena was very happy with what Easter bunny brought. Anna was delighted too, especially since both German and American bunnies stopped by :) She had a blast looking for her eggs.

  6. Awesome. We should have done something besides candy. ;-)