Sunday, April 11, 2010

No Simple Science This Week

We didn’t do any simple science this week. Selena’s science question this week, was quite a good question but a little difficult for her to understand the concept. From the little town where we watched the parade, we had the most beautiful view of Mount Rainier. Selena got very frustrated as we drove along that the mountain seemed to move out of her site then reappear in a different location. We attempted to explain this to her, but she just couldn’t understand. That is ok, it took me a long time myself as a kid to understand that as well. Mount Rainier is well known for being very majestic, not only for her beauty but for the mystery of why she always looks like she is in different places. The real reason for this is that she is such a huge mountain and really further away then she looks, it doesn’t take a very high hill for her to hide behind, and with every turn of the car she can seem like she is in a different place then she was before.

What we did do though: Selena spotted me using my tongs in the kitchen. I use them a lot so I was so surprised when they really caught her eye this time around. I have several sets of tongs, so I got a pair out and gave them to Selena. She first started out picking up  her blocks which proved to be too easy. I fooled her and tore a piece of paper into tiny pieces, this was a lot harder for her but she found success.

100_2364 100_2365 100_2367

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  1. I'll have to look up the science behind the mountains appearing to move. Ours seem to come forward, like they're sneaking up on us, depending on the time of day - so I assume it has to do with light reflection, but I've never thought it through. Thanks for the food for thought!

  2. You know my kids have never really asked that about the moon, and how it moves. But, then we don't have any big mountains to look at.
    Love her grin as she picks up the paper.

  3. She is just to adorable! We received your postcard today, thank you! Did you get ours already?

  4. That is def. a tough thing to learn about mountains and things like that! The tongs look like a lot of fun!

  5. Look at those tongs - Selena seems to have a lot of fun with them. Great pictures!