Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Play Day With Selena


At Christmas I was looking for a baby doll for Selena, I wanted one that had a bottle so she could pretend to feed it. I found this one, Circo Feed and Sleep. I don’t normally buy toys that have all the fancy bells and whistles, and really didn’t realize everything this doll does. When you hold the bottle up to her mouth she sounds like she is sucking, after she stops sucking, when you sit her up she burps, then she goes to sleep. Selena just loves her.

Today I heard Selena humming, no song really in particular, just humming, here is what I found.



She was busy playing mommy!

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  1. Cute pictures! It's fun to see how imaginative play takes off. Anna is all over her kitty lately, taking her on trips, making her presents and playing long pretend scenarios. Sometimes it's hilarious to listen in on those games. I do feel that she needs a real playmate though. Her best friends live too far away. Hopefully we will make some progress with this soon.

  2. Very smart using a play bottle. Meadow tried to give her baby a drink from her sippy cup and ended up drowning the poor doll :)

  3. Oh how sweet. What a good Mommy she is.