Sunday, February 14, 2010

WOW 30 Years!

Over on Facebook my High School classmates are busy planning our 30 year reunion. WOW! I can hardly believe it has been that long. I have reconnected with so many of my friends and classmates on Facebook over the last year.

I got up this morning to find that someone had taken the time to scan in every page of our Senior Class from our year book. Too funny to look back that many years and realize how much we have all changed. I am really looking forward to this reunion since I haven’t made it to any of the others.

Anyway here is the picture of me from our senior year book.


You can click on the picture above to get a full view. Where did time go?

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  1. Oh wow! That must have brought back a lot of memories, and it looks like it's a great picture of you.
    I hope you're able to go to the reunion.

  2. Very cute picture!! I know- I feel like I asked that question all the time! :)

  3. oo so fun! How sweet that they scanned in all of those pictures!