Saturday, February 13, 2010

Selena’s Play Date

This evening, we had a little friend of Selena’s come over for a few hours. Her Grandparents went out to dinner, so yes we babysat for them, now they in turn will have to babysit for us some night.

The girls had so much fun together. I started them out with an art project. We made handprint hearts. Now Selena would not let me take pictures of her final projects. She didn’t want to stop playing long enough to allow that. I didn’t get any pictures of the actual activity as I was to busy painting hands and positioning them on the paper, then cutting them out.

100_2115 Selena’s handprint heart.


This is Miss T with her art work. We used the bubble bath paints, I painted the girls hands with red, then had them position them on the the paper so that they made a heart shape. Then while they continued to paint I cut the hearts out.

The girls had so much fun, they played with Selena’s pattern blocks, worked on puzzles, colored with crayons, and played with playdough.



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  1. Oh yeah! Playdates are so much fun! But I have to admit I don't really organize crafts when I do them. I'm always amazed at the parents who do. Don't know, does that make me lazy? I just throw the kids upstairs and have them play.

  2. Pretty brave to pull out paints and play dough in the same play date! :)

  3. I have had plans to make a handprint heart before Valentine's Day, and look, today is Valentine's Day and I still haven't done it. I'm going to tonight for sure. That's great that Selena had so much fun during her playdate. My daughter loves going to visit her cousins, but after about an hour or so, they start saying "mine" a lot with the toys.

  4. oo what a fun playdate! I love the heart hand prints!