Saturday, February 27, 2010

What We Are Reading


We did a lot of reading here this week. Selena selected quite a few of her books from her own library of books. She seemed to always have a book in tow from Clifford the Big Red Dog, Just the Right Word by Richard Scarry, and so many others, too many to list.

We had picked the following two books up from our trip to the library and worked them in along with the library books from last week.

snowmusic I discovered the Snow Music by Lynne Rae Perkins from someone’s blog here a while back. I am sorry I can’t remember who recommended this book. Selena wasn’t as excited about this book, she informed me “The words don’t make sentences.” That was because on a lot of the pages the words make curvy patterns up and down, she had a hard time following where I was reading. I however enjoyed the peacefulness of this book. It just seemed to be a calming story.

theperfectbear The Perfect Bear by Gillian Shields was adored by Selena. She related herself to the little girl in the story. I think this was in part to the fact the author starts out with, “There once was a girl a bit like you” Selena was drawn in right there. She loves Once Upon A Time stories so that just made total sense to her that this book was about her.

It is a story about a bear who is more concerned with his appearance, and doesn’t understand what love is all about. He feels lonely, and sad from the normal wear and tear he is receiving as this little girl is loving him and playing with him so much. At the end of the story when the little girl looses her bear and he doesn’t think he will ever see his friend again, he discovers the true meaning of love. And yes, it does end happy, the bear and the little girl are reunited.

To see what others are visiting in their homes visit Mouse Learns Mouse Grows. While your there share with us what you are reading.

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  1. The Perfect Bear, sounds like it would be "perfect" here, too!

  2. Hello, thank you for the reviews. I keep a list of books that we may want to read someday. I have added plenty on my list after starting blogging, I will add the perfect bear now. Thanks! :)

  3. My kids went through a Clifford phase as well.
    I want the Perfect Bear that sounds just way too cute.

  4. I am placing The Perfect Bear on our request list - it sounds wonderful. Thanks for sharing your picks of the week!

  5. The Great Bear sounds like one my daughter would enjoy too!