Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Busy Weekend

Last weekend we got our table and chairs. Now understand I am pretty excited as I have never had a dinette set in my entire adulthood. Our friends are getting ready to move back to Virginia for a one year deployment with the Navy and decided to give us this dinette set, in payment all Dave wanted was a chocolate cake with raspberry filling. I also threw in lunch of homemade Chile.

100_2169Of course Selena immediately picked out her place at the table.  It has two more chairs and a leaf as well, for when we have company. Wow I will actually be able to seat more then 4 at my table!

Today they delivered the matching China hutch. I was going to wait until I got my tea sets put in it to take pictures, but decided to go on a head and take a picture now. I will post one of my tea sets later.

100_2170 I am going to use the bottom half for all our school supplies, well maybe not all of them, but the ones we use on a regular basis. I am sure the drawers will be used for the same.

100_2168 This is all I had to pay for the cake. A chocolate cake. I notice it looks a little lopsided in this picture. I was having a horrible time with the frosting last night. I usually like to have a couple of days to bake and decorate a cake, and only had yesterday to do this one in. I didn’t feel like sifting all the powder sugar required to make my own frosting, so instead I bought a bucket of Wilton’s white frosting and made my own chocolate frosting from that. It was so fluffy and had a great texture for frosting and decorating a cake when I first opened the bucket, and even after I made the chocolate frosting. Then not knowing if I would get it totally decorated last night I put the frosting in the refrigerator, when I took it out it was no longer fluffy. I let it warm up the whole nine yards and I could never get that frosting to fluff back up. I even tried putting it back in my mixer to see if I couldn’t get more air in it to fluff it up. I will never buy that frosting again unless I know I will be using it as soon as I open the container. It did taste good though.

If you get a chance go see all the cool places this family have been to and seen so far in the past couple of years of traveling in their 5th wheel/home at The Traveling Fenns.

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  1. Fun! Congratulations on the new table, and hutch. They are lovely :)

  2. What a wonderful table and hutch!! It looks a lot like our table and chairs :-) The cake looks great to me!!

  3. They look gorgeous! Glad to see they came. I'm going to be making cakes galore this week.

  4. What a wonderful table and hutch. Congrats!

  5. Your new furniture looks great - what a generous present from your friends! The dining set reminds me of ours, except ours doesn't open into more. I am sure Selena is excited about all the changes in her environment.

  6. The dining set and china hutch are lovely! I agree with Lindsay, the cake looks fine to me. Yum yum!

  7. New furniture is always exciting. I'm sure there will be lots of laughs to be had around your table and memories made.

  8. yay! I'm so excited for you! what a wonderful blessing! thanks for visiting my blog, you are welcome to visit any time!!

    I'm new to the Blog hop... but am interested to see how it goes :)

    amy in peru

  9. Hi! Thanks for following! I am following back from the Home School Hop:) Your china hutch and table are beautiful! I am excited for you, because I actually know how you feel! I just this year got a set, including china hutch (after 32 years of marriage)--we have used many things, including a painter's scaffolding which my husband made, used to paint, and then turned into a table:), for tables over the years (not complaining--they worked just fine, but I do enjoy having a set). So happy for you.