Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Simple Science/Light Travel


I have been trying to introduce more science in our house. This morning after watching Curious George, (an episode about rainbows). We decided to look at Light Refraction. Or for Selena’s sake Light Travel.


We first started to look around the house at all the different places the sunlight was shining on the walls, and furniture. Selena found this curious circle. We of course went to see what was causing it, and determined it was the way the light was coming through her bedroom window. I truly had no other explanation, as I could not find anything out of the norm that would create this round circle.

We played around with a flashlight for a bit. Then I took three glasses of water, one was a clear glass mug, one was a clear plastic glass, and the third was a beveled crystal vase. I took a piece of paper and cut a diamond shape in the center of it, and taped it to the flashlight. We then shined the flashlight through the different glass and plastic containers of water.


We could see a small amount of color or rainbow from the Glass mug.


Selena thought it was pretty cool how the light looked going through the crystal vase.


We then discovered how dim and distorted the light was with the plastic glass.

100_2125 100_2126 100_2127 Selena took her turn at shining the light through the different containers of water, she decided she liked my results better. She did have a lot of fun though with this.

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  1. Very interesting experiment - it looks like Selena had a lot of fun with it.

  2. what a neat experiment! Thank you for sharing.

  3. This is one of the most wonderful things about homeschooling. We get to teach our children through the environment and the world they live in. There are lessons everywhere every day. I believe this type of teaching makes our children much better at critical thinking.

  4. Oh how very fun! That is such a fun idea to learn about light. I'll have to remember this whenever we study light or the sun again.
    I can't decide which part I like better chasing the sunlight through the house or shining the flashlight through the different glasses.