Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Interview With Selena

I found this post at Virginia’s at The Roger’s Family blog. I thought it was so cute, that I just had to try it with Selena. I have read a few other blog posts with interviews with their children like at Ticia’s at Adventures in Mommydom.

Selena’s First Interview Age: 3 yrs 2 mos.

What is your name: Selena

When is your birthday: Birthday Present For Me?

How old are you: Three

Who is your Mama: You are Mama

What does your Mama do: Play

Who is your Daddy: Grandpa

What does your Daddy do: Clicks it?

What is your favorite color: Yellow

What is your favorite song: EEII EEII O (Old McDonald Had A Farm)

What do you want to do when your grow up: Be a Doctor.

Where do you want to live when you grow up: Live Here.

What is your favorite food: Macaroni and Cheese

What is your least favorite food: Carrots

What is your favorite animal: Cow

What do Mama and Daddy do after you go to bed: Go back to bed

What does Daddy say: Moo (this is where I started loosing her attention a bit)

What does Mama say: Meow

Who does our family love the most: Grandma

Where do we go to church: On Sunday

Why do we go to church: Sunday School

What is your favorite movie: Kipper

What is your favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Ice Cream cone

Where do you like to eat: Table

Who is your favorite person: Family

Who is your best friend: Trinity

What is your favorite book? Elmo

What is your favorite thing to do: The Clock Game (Chutes & Ladders)

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  1. I love these interviews. I have to do one with Crumpet! Love her answer to "when is your birthday?"

  2. I love reading those interviews - they are too funny. I will try one with Anna soon too. I recorded one early this year, but we didn't have the same questions.

  3. How cute! I need to try to interview my little one:)

  4. hehe this is way too cute. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. It made my day! :)

  5. This is too sweet! Love that you say Meow :)

  6. I loved her answers! At least you do stuff that make sense for your little girl, mine says I paint people.
    Loved her answers!
    Sigh, I think I hear kids deciding they're done napping, so I better be productive at something besides reading blogs....