Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Homeschool Hop #1

Theme 1 – You

Our first theme is all about getting to know you, just you. Not your children or anyone else. It’s time to share a little about yourself, oh please include a photo, we’d really love to see one if you can.

I found this Carnival at Our Worldwide Classroom and thought I would jump in and have some fun!


Ok, so I am suppose to talk about me, not my family, not my children, just about me. I never thought I would be parenting again but I really am happy that I am. Sure there are times when I think, if only I could be doing the things my friends are doing, but then I stop myself and realize this truly is a special gift I have, and I am very blessed.

I enjoy so many things, sometimes I wish I had more time for all the things I enjoy doing. I love to bake. I bet you don’t know that I actually bake and decorate cakes. This was something that started out when my mom made a comment that she wished she could decorate cakes like they do in the bakeries. That Christmas I bought her a cake decorating set and book. She didn’t use it for years. I think it was after I graduated from High School that she took some classes and started decorating all sorts of cakes. I still remember the first wedding cake she ever decorated. She showed me some basics and I took off from there. Experimenting with all the different tips, getting advice from my mom, and actually decorated my own wedding cake. The largest cake I ever decorated actually had 7 tears, was done in blues and white, with blueberry filling.

When my children were really young I was a SAHM and ran a daycare out of my home. I didn’t make much money but I made enough to buy my first Washer and Dryer, boy was I happy to not have to go to the laundry mat anymore.

When my kids started school I applied and was hired on as a full time teacher’s aide in Special Education. I had some experience through a mentoring class I took in high school where I went and worked in a special school for children with speech delays or who were deaf. I left this job when I decided to homeschool my children.

I love music, though I never learned to play any instrument nor took any type of dance lesson. I love flower gardens, and yellow roses are my favorite flower along with daisies.

The toughest thing I ever endured was when I was diagnosed with cancer.

The easiest thing I ever endured was falling in love with Michael.

To think I almost threw having a family away when a couple of year after high school I wanted to enlist in the Navy, and passed the test to be an aviation electronic. Why didn’t I go in? I found out shortly before I was to leave for boot camp that I was pregnant with my daughter.

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  1. Great to see you joining you and what an informative getting to know you post. Isn't it funny how our lives pan out.

  2. What an interesting post! I definitely didn't know all those things about you. I hope that you will teach Selena all the intricacies of cake decorating. I am not joining this blog hop, because I don't consider myself a homeschooler.

  3. Wow, it is wonderful to learn more about you. I certainly didn't know about your cake decorating skills. To think that if you did pursue a career in the navy your life would be so very different. Isn't it fascinating to look back on choices we've made and see the paths that they have led us down.

  4. I took a cake decorating class too, but I'm not super good at it, more from lack of practice than anything else.
    I'll try to get a post written later today about me. I've been going through all of my photo albums this week looking for pictures of Sam for the memorial service and have found some amusing ones in there I'm going to try and scan in.

  5. I have been experimenting a little with cake decorating, just frosting though, no fondant or anything like that. It was good to know a little bit more about you!

  6. I love learning a little bit more about the authors of the blogs I read! Thanks for sharing :-) I would totally love to learn how to decorate cakes :-)

  7. I am loving this blog hop! Its great to meet the person behind the picture! I am already a follower!

  8. I am so loving this homeschool blog hop - I get to see what everyone looks like! I think your daughter looks like you! :)

  9. sound like an amazing momma and grandmother!! I am looking forward to following you!

    (: Shelby

  10. I look forward to exploring your blog! Thanks for sharing about yourself.

  11. Debbie, thanks for sharing! Thank you also for all your support with my dad being ill, I truly appreciate all the emails and comments from you!

  12. It is wonderful to meet you. It seems that your life has been very full. How wonderful that your Granddaughter is getting to benefit from your experiences. How very different your life would have been had you been in the navy!

  13. Hi Debbie - I loved your bio:) You are so impressive to me - I love your heart for your grand daughter and giving her your best. See ya soon:)

  14. I loved learning all this about you! I always am so in awe of you :)