Friday, January 22, 2010

What We Are Reading


I am so happy to see Selena wanting to cuddle more and have me read with her. It was a real struggle for me when she just wanted to read independently, so this week we really have enjoyed all out books.

oopsclifford Selena just could not pass this book up when she seen it at the library. It is probably one of the better Clifford books we have read. Poor Clifford just can’t seem to do anything right no matter what he tries. Selena laughed all the way through the book and we have read it over and over again.

happybirthdaybiscuit This was another one of Selena’s finds. She was really into helping me find her books this week as well. So many times she just goes in and plays and if she does give attention to the books it is just a grab fest. This week though I was proud of her for really taking her time and picking out some books, thumbing through them then handing them to me.  Anyway Happy Birthday Biscuit by Alysso Satin Capucilli is such a cute funny story about a little girl who is giving her puppy a surprise birthday party. Of course like most puppies, full of curiosity the party doesn’t go off quite like the little girl wants but fun was had by all.

sunnsees This was my find! What The Sun Sees by Nancy Taturi. It is a simply wrote book with beautiful illustrations. Selena enjoyed reading it and the best part is when you get half way through the book you flip it upside down and backwards

moon sees And you have What The Moon Sees! The back half of the book shows everything that the first half shows but only at night. The book is laid out so that you can start from day time or night time and the story just flows into each other. We enjoyed this book, and Selena was quite surprised when I flipped the book around and she had a whole new book to read. I would definitely recommend this book for a great comparison  for the differences of night and day. Instead of dark and light being the comparison, it talks about different animals who wake up at night and sleep during the day, and how the world looks different from day to  night.

To see what others have been reading jump on over to Natalie’s at Mouse Grows Mouse Learns. While your there share with us what your child is reading.

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  1. Great story picks. What the Sun/Moon Sees, looks especially interesting.

  2. We really enjoy Nancy Tafuri books, and Jack adores Clifford right now:-).

  3. What the Sun/Moon Sees sounds really interesting.
    And I'm fairly sure that Clifford book is one of the ones that my kids have destroyed from reading.

  4. Anna almost always gets one of Bisquit or Spot books from the library - now I set them aside for "shared reading". It means she reads them to me, and I help her with non-phonic or long words. She had Clifford craze for a while, but she hasn't requested any Clifford books lately. And we love Nancy Tafuri, but I haven't seen this book in our library.