Saturday, January 9, 2010

We Had Sun!

We actually had a very decent day today! The temperature was moderate and the sun was shining. This afternoon we decided it had dried up enough from our rains that we would take Selena outside to really try out her new bike.

100_1937Getting her started was fun, she thought she would just walk the bike with her feet, but we finally encouraged her to get her feet on the pedals.


I do not know what Grandpa was doing here. He’s as bad as a kid with the camera, but this is what I found when I was going through the pictures. Yes, that is my toe in top of the picture!

100_1939 Down hill was pretty easy for her, she finally just took off! Now uphill was a little different story!

100_1940 The only problem she had was the fact she was too interested in watching her feet and not where she was going. So I had to help her keep going straight otherwise she was all over the place. I know now that this summer is going to be a lot of fun, but boy I am going to get worn out trying to keep up with her.


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  1. How sweet! Matthew got his first bike last Christmas - it looks like it's about the size of Selena's. He picked up how to ride it in just a couple of weeks too. It was so much fun! I love that she's more into looking at her feet than going in a straight line, hee hee. :) So cute!

  2. A Big Girl Bike. I remember when Caleb first got his. It won't be long and you won't be able to keep up with her. You'll just have to stand there and watch her race around. Caleb was tentative at first, but man did that fade quickly.

  3. This is such a fun and sweet post. I love these pictures, even the toe one:-).

    Yes, you will have so much fun with Selena now and in the summer with this bike!

    Glad you got some sun too.

  4. The toe picture cracked me up.
    My boys haven't really picked up on their bikes. They love their Big Wheels too much, and are having a hard time with the transition.

  5. My daughter will hopefully learn that skill this summer. It sure does look like nice weather there. Outside our window all we see is snow.

  6. Hahaha - I'm the one who'll end up with a "toe picture" at our house! I'm just trying to catch that perfect picture and I always tell my hubby- "that means you have to take a LOT of pictures!!" HAHA
    LOVE the SUNSHINE!! Selena is just the cutest on her bike! Looks like you're keeping up with her just great ~ You go girl!

  7. This is great that Selena learned to ride so quickly, and she is just turned 3. We are a bit reluctant to get a bike for Anna since she refuses to ride her trike without being pushed. We are planning to get her one at Easter and hopefully she will have more interest by then.