Sunday, January 10, 2010

One Proud Mama

We made a choice that Selena would not go to the Nursery at church anymore. There is a 6 year old in there that has trouble with her behavior. This little girl is suppose to be in the Children’s Church but due to her behavior, her Grandma chose to keep her in the nursery with her. We were concerned for Selena’s well being so after talking it over with Pastor we decided in Selena’s best interest she will go to Children’s Church with me.

This was the first Sunday that this change has been implemented. I was surprised when this Grandma decided to have her granddaughter sit with the rest of the kids and myself during the worship time, then when we were dismissed, I took her to the nursery.

As we sat down, of course Selena spoke up and asked for them to start the singing, we all kind of chuckled. Once the singing started, this little girl grabbed Selena’s hand and wanted Selena to dance around with her. Selena withdrew her hand and told the little girl “No.”

When we sat back down this little girl got very clingy with Selena and wouldn’t leave her alone, almost sitting in Selena’s lap. Selena politely pushed her away and again told her “No.” It didn’t stop there, the little girl started a slapping game with Selena’s hands, Selena climbed down from the bench and retreated to sit down on the other side of me.

During the meet and greet time of course Selena went with me around the church to shake hands and greet others. When we came back the little girl was laying on the bench with her eyes closed and wouldn’t get up or move. Selena spun around turning her back to her, and grabbed the hand of the 7 year old boy and my hand and continued to worship with us until time came we were released to go to class. We dropped the little girl off at the nursery and Selena followed the boy to our class.

She was so good through Children’s Church, prayed out loud when it came to be her time, and listened very attentively to the story and through the question and answer time. Shared the puzzle I had brought for her to work on if she got bored, and worked hard to complete the activity I brought for the rest of the class.

Now picture how proud I am, I just had a 3 year old who out shown a 6 year old in her maturity, attentiveness, and who made me so proud. Now believe me my prayers are with this little girl who is having problems, I love her like any child, I just don’t care for her behavior. I just never thought that my 3 year old would or could handle the situation as well as she did today. So yes, I am a proud mama right now.

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  1. Wow ~ awesome story! Bless you and precious Selena!

  2. May Selena continue to be a blessing for u

  3. And you should be:-). Selena is a smart, obedient little girl!