Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Selena is Spelling

Now it is no new news that Selena is reading. She hasn’t had much interest in writing however. Tonight we were talking about writing and learning to write our letters. Selena used her finger in the carpet and started making circles and such.

I got down with her and in the carpet I traced out the letters of her name, saying each one as I wrote it. She looked up at me and said that is Selena. So I did it again with the same response. I asked her how do you spell your name she took her finger and with my assistance, told me each letter, as I helped her trace it in the carpet.

I then asked how about cat, and she announced c a t then I asked what about hat and she announced h a t

She then lost interest in this game except she wanted to know how to spell banana.

Needless to say I was pretty proud of her. Not only does she recognize her name, but she knows how to spell it, along with other words, so maybe the handwriting isn’t far off.

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  1. It just amazes me, what children pick up when you don't realize it.

    Great job Selena!

  2. WOO HOO! If you want to practice it before she's ready to do handwriting you could use the refrigerator letters so she can physically move them to spell. I saw some at the Target dollar spot, Monday.
    How exciting!

  3. This is great. We do spelling games on and off, but the interest is always fleeting. I am thinking of getting some alphabet beads since Anna is crazy about making endless bracelets out of pipecleaners and beads.

  4. Love Ticia's idea with the magnets!

    This is wonderful and I know you are so proud of her.

    Way to go Selena (and Grandma too)!

  5. How wonderful! I've been thinking of letting my 7 year old write out her spelling words on tray filled with shaving cream. She just hates practicing spelling!