Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Postcard/Geography Lesson #2

US Map

This week I decided to take a step back to the basics of mapping. I drew a floor plan of our house, which was left blank. Selena had to tell me such things as where is the front door, where is the TV, the chair, the couches, the dining room, where she was sitting, her bedroom, the bathroom, our bedroom, and the kitchen. Then we talked about how a map can show where we are at, she used an X to represent where she was sitting in the room. Then we talked about where her bedroom was, and how she could use the map to get to her bedroom, and she showed me how she would walk to her bedroom on the map.

100_1962 100_1961

We talked about how her maze puzzles she does are like maps, how they get her from point A to point B and that is what we can use maps for. We also talked about how dot to dots are like maps, how the numbers or letters that she connects together to make the pictures, is like a map starting our journey at point A or 1 whichever and ending at the end of the dot to dot journey.

Selena loved this activity, and I expect that next week we will look at a simple map of our town, and some of the places we go to and the routes we take to get there.

Share with us what you are doing in Geography, by adding your link. Also if you would still like to exchange postcards with us please leave me a comment. For those still awaiting postcards, they are on their way, sorry for the lateness on my part, I have had a lot of requests, and so was waiting until I could send about a dozen out at one time. I made it to that number so they are on their way.

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  1. What a great idea! I bet this helped her understand a lot more about what a map is and what it can be used for. I'm glad she had a great time with it, too! :-)

  2. Great idea! I should do a basic map lesson with M too.

  3. We have used basic maps of our backyard to do a treasure hunt. I am always collecting maps at places we visit (zoo, theme parks etc) and storing them away for when we start looking at maps in more detail.

    Selena looks adorable standing near her map.

    We have not sent out any of our postcards yet. We went to Australia Zoo yesterday and we bought our postcards. So they will be on their way shortly.

    You must have been so proud of Selena when she spelt her name, cat and hat. Sometimes the things your children reveal they know is nothing short of amazing. What a lovely moment for you. You provide Selena with such a perfect environment to thrive in.

    Ohhh I love all the dance class photos. Savvy changes her mind every day as to what activity she would like to join. I think we will try ballet as she does enjoy dancing. I am really looking forward to seeing more photos of Selena the ballerina.

  4. Selena looks soooo happy in that picture!

    She is super to do this Debbie! When I tried this similar activity for a few weeks with Joe he had no interest. I was disappointed, but we'll try again at some point.

    I need to expand on Geography in our preschool badly. We do hardly nothing at this point but look at a map to find places we read about.

    You are awesome!

  5. It's a very comprehensive map lesson, and I am very impressed that Selena was able to abstract her house so well. My husband tried it with Anna some time ago, but she was not interested in the least. On the other hand, she is always interested in street maps and in how to get from point A to point B. Maybe she just feels that the map of the house is pointless :)

  6. love this.. i dont think my son is ready for this but i am gonna save it for future use :)

  7. I remember doing this activity with my children. They are getting older now and we have more complex assignments but oh those were some fun times!

    Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it. I look forward to reading more about your journeys through life raising a beautiful little girl.

    Have a great day!

  8. We did a similar activity last fall. I had them take pictures of different rooms in our house, and then we matched the picture to the map. Then I would put a button on the map and they had to hide in that room.
    I love Geography lessons like this.

  9. A map of your house! Awesome idea!! I love it!

  10. I love this idea for geography! I think maps are really fun and we always try to do some sort of map over whatever we are studying at the time. So glad you stopped by my blog!