Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Productive 2 Days

Selena was very interested in doing her Progressive Phonics yesterday and today. I told her though that we needed to see how many words we could add to our wall before moving on. She only has 7 more words to add then we will move on to the next book. She even picked up and added the words from the first book that she just couldn’t quite get at that time, and rather then frustrate her we just moved on.

100_1968 There we go a total of 63 words that Selena can read. We are very proud of the hard work she has been putting into her schooling just since the first of the Year! I bet we will be onto short vowel i within a week.

It is very unusual for us to do much on the weekends, but with her enthusiasm, we just want to continue to go with the flow.

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  1. This is awesome that Selena takes off so well with Progressive Phonics. I predict - once she is over the hump, she will just takes off, and it will be like with talking - the word lists will go away, because she will just be reading almost any word she wants.

  2. WOW!! 3 years old and she can read so many words. Good job Selena! (I think your teacher is pretty awesome too!)

  3. It's so much fun to watch a new reader emerge - just like watching them when they learn to walk, or when they finally leave diapers behind!

  4. I love new readers !!! It is so much fun to watch those little switches turn on !

    Way to go Selena !!!! ( and Mom )

  5. I might need to figure out how we can do our own version of that wall. Maybe in their notebooks.......

  6. I totally agree with Natalie!!

    I love your word wall. It gives such a sense of accomplishment.