Thursday, January 28, 2010

Preschool Corner/Learning and More


Monday morning Selena couldn’t wait to get school started and couldn’t get enough school. She wasn’t really into much school after our Christmas break, so I hadn’t pushed too much, a little of this and a dab of that, but this week was totally school.

We did a lot of fun things together and really enjoyed the special time. Selena is finally begging for us to read to her again, which I am enjoying so much, as I missed our cuddling times.

I did get some pictures of what we have been doing this week, and Selena didn’t seem to mind at all. That was a big change, now if I can just keep myself to a minimum with them!


We worked on Progressive Phonics. I did not start book 3 as I had hoped, but decided to spend just a little more time with book 2 and make sure she did have it down. She really struggled with the short vowel e for some reason.

I also added a deck of cards that was recommended by Ticia at Adventures of Mummydom and Susana at My Family My Forever.

41ilEdtnBuL__SL500_AA240_ Selena enjoyed this card game very much, and though she knew all the words, and had no problem putting each word together, she just enjoyed the fact that she was doing it by herself.

100_2000 100_2001 Math

We had a lot of fun in Math this week. We played with her Pattern Blocks, until she decided she just wanted to lay on the floor and sort them.


413kZC3UKCL__SL500_AA240_ The way we played this game was, I laid down the cards with the pictures, then randomly gave Selena the numbers and she had to match the number with the card that had that number of objects on it.

100_2003 100_2005 100_2007


I keep saying I need to get some more science going here. Well, this week it worked in all by itself. Selena was playing with the snowflake/spider web that I made earlier in the week. She made the observation that when dropped it floated to the ground. I took this opportunity to take a small ball and we compared how the ball dropped compared to the snowflake. We examined both and discussed how the snowflake was lighter, thinner, and had holes in it that let the air randomly pass through. We came to the conclusion that this is what made it float, while the ball was solid, heavier making it drop straight down to the floor.



We continue to receive post cards. Selena is always so excited to get them in the mail. We are finishing our map work this week for a while, and will start looking at the postcards. I have a scrap book for Selena and we will draw as many facts off the card, and from other resources to make a lovely Geography/History book that Selena will be able to refer to for years to come. You can go here to see what the postcard exchange is all about and if you would like to be a part of this fun project, we would still love to send out more postcards and receive some more.


We played Memory Match with Selena’s Disney Princess Memory Match game. She was so cute wanting so much to play by the rules and take turns. I always had to chuckle though when I would turn over a card and she remembered where the match was, she quickly grabbed the matching card and shouted, “Yay!”

I also figured out how to begin to teach her how to play Boggle Jr. She enjoyed being able to sound out the name of the picture and so long as I gave her one dice at a time she quickly found the letters needed to form the word. Then she pulled the card out to check to see if she got it correct, and quickly sounded out the word and read it. I think this is going to prove to be a fun and very valuable learning tool.

Selena is continuing with dance. This week was a little difficult for her as the instructor was new and lacks the experience of working with 3 year olds. We hope the other instructor comes back soon so class can go smoothly.

This week was also a fun week with Selena’s imagination, reading, and starting to want to work on her writing skills. She is just growing up so fast, and we truly enjoy sharing it all with all of you.

To see what others are doing in their preschools visit Homeschool Creations. There are always new and exciting ideas to walk a way with.

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  1. It sounds like an awesome week. We have a similar puzzle from Infantino, and Anna used to be interested in it, but always got frustrated when all the puzzle pieces were mixed up together. By the way, short e was hard for Anna too in the beginning, and still the one where she makes most mistakes. I don't know why - probably because she knows that double e is always pronounced as i.

  2. Oh - I love to dance with three year olds!

  3. Looks like she had a very productive week! Go Selena!

  4. We love Boggle Jr here. Looks like she had a great week. Sometimes we all need some time off and it sounds like that worked for her.

  5. What great lessons. You all had a busy and fun week it looks like:)

  6. nice job - we have the 3 letter words flashcards & my preschooler uses them for spelling & my tot likes them to make the pictures. :)

  7. What a fun and productive week. I like the look of the word puzzles that Selena put together. I need to look into buying, or making, something like that for Savvy.

    It was great that Selena's observations about the snowflake floating led into an interesting science lesson where you were able to compare and contrast idfferent items and outcomes. I am also trying to incorporate more science and experiments into our activities as well.

    Finally, we sent our postcards off today. Your idea to do this postcard exchange is fantastic. Savvy helped choose the postcards and together we discussed what we could write on the postcards. Savvy has recieved a couple of postcards (which she is very happy about) and we are also keeping them to learn about other countires. They really do make wonderful resources.

  8. I'm glad she liked the word puzzle game. We've been playing memory with the flashcards from progressive phonics here.

  9. What a great week! You should get Boogle Jr. for Selena. Abby and I played yesterday and she was so proud that she could spell the words. She even got out paper and wanted to write each word!

  10. I'm glad Selena enjoys the three letter word cards.

    Hanna had a Disney Princess memory game too:-). So sweet.

    You guys had a good week as always!

  11. We purchased the 3-letter word game a few weeks ago, but I havent brought it out yet. I am glad to hear that your daughter liked it, I am guessing that means mine will too!