Thursday, January 28, 2010

Postcard/Geography Lesson 4

US Map

We started our geography lesson looking at the Washington State map. I was explaining that maps show us many things especially how to get some place.

100_2025 Selena, while looking at the map suddenly got all excited and wanted a Pirate map. She must have packed this map around for half the day referring to it as he pirate map. Thank goodness it is one of those laminated maps!

This morning I created two pirate maps for Selena. The idea was she had to start in the same area, and follow my directions on the map to find her little treasure that I had hidden the night before.

100_2028 You might have to click on the map to see it better, I should have scanned it in but was too lazy!

100_2026 Selena is carefully studying her Pirate map to figure out where to go!

100_2027 She is headed on her way to find the treasure. Not to leave you hanging she did eventually find both of her treasures. I did have to help her, but she found the first one in the living room and the second one was in her bedroom. She had a lot of fun with this activity but I think we are going to be finished with maps for a while.

I am going to get the wooded puzzle of the United States (yes I know that is a map too) and we will start looking at all our wonderful postcards, sharing them with you and placing the states in our puzzle.

If you would love to participate there is two ways. Link up with a geography or history lesson that you are doing with your kids below, we will come visit. Or if you would still like to exchange postcards, leave me a comment telling me you want a postcard. You can go here to see just how the postcard exchange works.

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  1. Way to run with the pirate maps!

    This is a great idea for a link up. We haven't done to much with geography lately, outside of reading a couple Loreen Leedy books, but it's probably about time to come around to it again.

  2. The pirate map is a great idea - again I am impressed that Selena can abstract this well so early. We were kind of stuck between ice and rain forest this week, but I'll post on Geography on Sunday (I hope)

  3. I love the pirate map idea, how fun for her. We finally got our geography activity done, so I'll be posting and linking next week.