Saturday, January 30, 2010

Postcard Exchange

US Map

As I go around visiting blogs I see so many families enjoying our postcard exchange. We have received postcards from all over now. We have studied simple maps and are ready to put together a scrapbook of our postcards complete with geography, and history lessons from all the different places we have received postcards from.

We would still love to keep this going, we would love to send more postcards, and are not limited to just the USA in exchange we just ask that you send one to us.

I started this postcard exchange around Christmas and I just squeal with joy to see how it has taken off. I am so happy to stop by a blog and see others having fun exchanging postcards. This truly opens the world up to our children. They not only get a little piece of mail, but they get to see pictures of places they may or may not ever see. They get a little piece of history and are beginning to learn the art of letter writing, even if they are young and watching us write the note.

If you are interested in giving this a try, then leave me a comment letting me know. Please leave a way for me to contact you so we can exchange information.

I also encourage that as you explore your postcards with your kids to share with us what you are learning. Link up to my Geography/History carnival, which I post by Thursday mornings.

Thank you to everyone who has participated, and it is my hope to keep this going for sometime.

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  1. Thank you so much for initiaitng this idea. It has been such a wonderful experience for us. As you said, it exposes our children to letter writing and they also get to learn fascinating facts about other parts of the world. Savvy loved our mailbox before your postcard exchange idea, but now she is super excited to see if there is any mail just for her.

    I will keep my eye out for your Geography/History carnival as I would love to link our blog post about Australia to this.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog, I was missing you :)

  2. Thanks for the kind words on my blog. I'm really getting into this penguin theme.
    Was wondering if you could tell me if you received the postcard from us. Because I did send it out.

  3. I am still in limbo as to whether I want to participate. I have to admit it is tempting more each week!!

    Is there a point at which it will be too late to join in?

  4. Thank you so much for starting this! It has been a great way to open up conversations about geography in our house. Did Selena receive our postcard? I will try to get a post together by Thursday.

  5. I am still trying to figure out this postcard exchange thing, but I'd like to participate. I'd be happy to send a card--we live in North Carolina. rachel.snider (at)