Sunday, January 31, 2010

Our New Church Visit

Today was the first time we visited what may very well end up as being out new church home. We were very impressed to say the least.


She goes to a toddler Sunday school class that has about 10 kids ages 3 t0 4 yrs old. She seemed very happy, waving to us with a huge smile and a big Good Bye upon our dropping her off. They learned about Moses and the Ten Commandments today. When we went back to pick her up she was happy to see us, and upon finishing her snack went over to find her art work with her name on it. We were proud of her, as this morning she reminded us she was going to a new church and did not want to wear a pull up. She finally learned on Saturday evening that she could sit on the big potty without her potty chair, so we were a little reserved, but she did great and even used the restroom at the church before we left to come home. What a difference this new atmosphere made. Now you need to realize this was her first experience even using a public restroom. Unless you want to count when the old nursery worker scared her by trying to make her go at the old church.


I am pleased to say that he found this church very relaxing and he really enjoyed the worship. It has been a long time since I have stood beside him to hear his voice so loud, and radiant as he praised the Lord. I could just feel him truly lifting not only his voice but his entire everything in praise. I loved it!


I really enjoyed the worship myself. I enjoyed the relaxed feeling of everyone, and the warmth of all the people there. The praise music was a combination of good worship music and old hymns. I truly felt free to worship the Lord in the fashion I am accustomed to.


It was a good experience. The atmosphere was warm and friendly, people were not afraid to come up and greet us, introduce themselves to us and make us feel warm. The Sunday school teacher was full of energy and really seemed to know how to relate with 3 and 4 year olds. We really enjoyed the sermon which goes verse by verse through the bible, and right now they are in my favorite book of the bible Nehemiah. We will be going back.

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  1. I am so glad you found this church to be a good fit for you. I hope you are blessed there.

  2. That is wonderful that you found a great church for the whole family!

  3. Your grand daughter is such a cutie - I am glad she enjoyed her Sunday school class. I like how you are considering the needs of every member of the family when choosing a church. When my daughter was a teenager, we joined a church just so my daughter could be a member of the youth group and participate in their activities. I was glad we did because she is one of the finest young Christians you will ever meet. But because we joined more for her, once she grew up and left, we really didn't find a reason to stay. We hadn't invested in the church ourselves. So we had to rethink things a bit. I have no regrets but realize that the whole family needs that fellowship and where possible it is a good idea to consider the needs of everyone in the family. Best wishes as you consider your choices.

  4. I'm glad it's working out for you. A bigger class situation sounds good for Selena. And, Nehemiah is a great book to study through!

  5. Will you still try out the church plant when it happens, or stick with this one?

  6. There is nothing better than finding the right church!

  7. Debbie, it sounds like a wonderful church on so many levels. How neat that Selena was so comfortable and feeling like a big girl; it sounds like her Sunday School class was really enjoyable. Having people around who show warmth and interest in you the first time there really says a lot about the church in my opinion. Good for you! I'm sorry things couldn't be resolved at your old church though; it's unfortunate, but maybe it was meant to lead you to this one!

  8. I so hope this continues to be a church where you and your entire family come away feeling fellowshipped, uplifted and closer to the Lord after each service!