Monday, January 18, 2010

Art Box

paint palette

Selena has enjoyed asking and receiving her Art Box weekly here. She has been busy practicing her cutting skills like crazy. I get such a kick out of her though. She insists on writing with her right hand, but cuts with her left hand. She does very well cutting with her left hand, better then with her right. She is now drawing straight lines and cutting on those lines all by herself.

This first set of pictures were from her art box on January 9th. Now this is the reason we do not put stickers and markers in her art box.



As you can see nothing really gets on the paper, but instead ends up all over Selena.

Today Selena insisted on school and art box. We did some schooling and then I gave her the art box and just let her have fun practicing her cutting skills.

100_1973 100_1971

I love how straight her cutting is getting! Also for the first time Selena while working on her workbook pages, decided to trace the large lower case m on her page. This is the first attempt on Selena’s part to show any desire to try to write her letters. She has in the past made i, or o, but only because those are letters she already does on a regular basis in drawing circles and lines.

To see what other’s are doing with their art boxes visit Tired Need Sleep.

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  1. Her scissor skills are really great! And how cute that she decorates herself with stickers. :) I, my husband, and Matthew have all been decorated with stickers quite often in the past 3 years! I love the new look of your blog - very pretty!

  2. I just got around to setting up an art box for Juliet--maybe I can get it together and join in on the fun next week! Looks like Selena is having fun.

    I sent your Pay It Forward gift last week--hope it arrives soon! Sorry it has taken so long to get to you.

  3. The Art Box always looks so fun. She really is doing super with her cutting. Cutting is something Joe just does not have patience for yet. I need to insist on doing more of it.

    I am glad she is showing interest in her writing. It is funny to me--I could get Joe to write all day long, numbers and/or letters, but he would never do the reading and such that Selena does:-)!!

    It's interesting how they are all so very different.

  4. She is good at cutting! Her lines look pretty straight.

    I wonder when I am going to give my daughter free access to markers? Hmmmm...not for a little bit. But I did just pick up some of those Colorwonder markers from the Dollar Tree. Score!

  5. In our house it's me who gets all the stickers, oh wait on Princess often puts them all over herself. But as it slowly falls off of them it ends up stuck all over the floor. Foam stickers do not come up easily.
    I'm amused she's drawing the line and then cutting on it.

  6. It's funny - Anna never puts anything on herself, but from time to time decided that drawing on herself is a lot of fun. She also does a lot of cutting, but not interested in tracing most of the time. On the other hand, she can write her name really well, and I think she decided that now her writing education is complete :) By the way, the picture of Selena chilling out with her cutting work is so very cute.

  7. She is cutting great! I never realized how much skill this took until I taught preschool one year. It takes lots of concentration and patience:)

  8. She's doing really well with cutting! M likes putting stickers on herself too. Although this week, she's been putting them on paper because we gave her a notebook to use. She fills a page and then goes to the next one. Maybe Selena would like something like that for stickers.

  9. Seeing Selena with stickers on herself reminded me of when Blake was a baby. When I was feeding him, one of Savvy's favourite things to do was put stickers on herself and some on me too.

    We are going to be doing more scissor practice. Savvy is now asking for the scissors more and more. She used to get frustrated with them, but now is a lot more patient and willing to perservere.

    Debbie, I was beyond thrilled to read your wonderful news about your blood test results. I have been praying for you and am so thnakful that all of your prayers were answered.

    In terms of the situation at your Church with the older girl, I am wondering why the Grandmother of the older girl is not taking responsibility for her Granddaughter. A solution needs to be worked out where all parties concerned are satisfied. Can the older girl not be given some sort of contract where she agrees to a certain set of condions (she could be involved in writing up the contract) and if she doesn't, she is aware of a set of consequences that would be used. Please keep us posted on this situation.

  10. How fun! Abby just got into cutting in the last few months. Before that, she didn't have the patience for it.