Monday, December 14, 2009

What other’s don’t say..

I wanted to share a funny post about comments we have heard from other grandparents  since we made the choice to raise Selena.

*One day when shopping by myself, I ran into someone from church, she looked into the cart and asked, “Where is the thing?” I picked up the loaf of bread in my cart and asked, “Is this the thing your looking for, it is located in the next isle over.” Of course she was asking about Selena.

*One day when I made a comment to someone I was tired, I was informed, “This is why at our age we are not suppose to be raising children.” I looked at her, and just said, “That is funny you feel this way, my Mom was just a few years younger then myself when she had me.”

*I loved this one, “We just adore the time we have to spend with our grandchildren, but it is truly a blessing when we get to send them home.” I replied, “We too adore the time we have to spend with our grandchild, but we are so blessed to have her 24/7 and not miss a moment of her.”

*Someone asked me one time, “Don’t you miss being able to do all the things that people do when their children grow and leave home?” I just replied, “Oh you mean go through the empty nest emotions? No, I don’t miss those moments for nothing! As far as what other people do, we do the same things we just get to share them with our granddaughter.”

*I think though the most ridiculous remark anyone ever made to me was, “It is such a shame that you are sick, and you have to tend to your grandchild.” My comment was simply put, “More parents go through illnesses and have to continue to raise their children, they just can’t send them away because they are sick. Have you ever thought that these precious little one’s actually keep us going?”

These are just a few of the wild comments I have heard from so called friends.


Now I just want to let all of you know, All of you have excepted me just where I am, I have never had any offensive remarks, questions, or comments left on my blog. You all have been very encouraging, supportive, and absolutely wonderful in your acceptance of Selena and I into your circle of the blog world. I hope you all know I don’t blog much about personal issues, but a few have privately asked, I respect you all for your understanding. I have welcomed those who ask, and am not ashamed to answer your questions, but I do thank all of you for respecting my desire to keep our circumstances private.

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  1. Of course, in my case - adopting our foster son when I was 48, I have comments made that show folks often assume I'm his Grandma, not his Mom. Especially when I have 2 beautiful daughters old enough to be my son's age. So, I hear you on the whole issue of comments that people make. Many many friends/church family have let us know that they think we're crazy for taking on another child to raise when we could be enjoying life with out any kids in our home - but funny thing . . . I cannot find anywhere in the bible where it says that we get to relax and enjoy a quiet empty nest because we earned it! Seems to me that we are to serve Jesus till the day we die! And for us personally, Jesus asking us to raise this beautiful little boy as our own? . . . Well, that's been & is, a HUGE blessing to US. Like you- wouldn't change a thing if I could. Thanks for sharing Debbie!

  2. I think you are a wonderful grandmother for taking care of Selena and you are doing it SO WELL! God bless you and just remember it doesn't matter what those other people say or think.

  3. Debbie
    Bravo. I have made some out of the ordinary life decisions and plan to make some more :) Thank you for posting this and helping me to have the courage to step out and LIVE!

  4. I think you are amazing because of all the wonderful things you do with and for Selena. I've never thought twice about you being her grandmother. Why should it matter to people? As long as the child is happy & healthy whoever is raising is doing an EXCELLENT job!

  5. People say silly things all the time because they want to share their opinions. You should hear some of the ones I get when people find out I have twins, and then watch their eyes grow as they hear my little girl is less than 2 years younger.
    You are doing an amazing job with your little granddaughter, and she is enormously blesses to have you.

  6. Debbie, this is a wonderful post! I love your honesty in your posts.

    I look up to you and admire you so much, more than you know.