Monday, December 14, 2009

Dear Selena

Three years ago today Mama and Papa awaiting your arrival. This was such a joyous days for us, as not only were we going to have our first grandchild, but we were getting the opportunity to parent for the second time around. Watching you be born was one of the most special events we could ever share with you.

baby0006 When we first heard that you were going to be coming into the world we knew that you would come to live with us. This brought a lot of changes for us, but they were changes that we  delighted in. We have never looked back and had any regrets over the decision we made and we never will.

You have brought 3 years of complete joy to us. You have always been such a happy, healthy baby and now child. From day one you have been so aware of the world around you, and you have had such a desire to greet everyone with that beautiful little smile, take in every experience you can possibly take in with joy, and to learn all you can about where you live, the things you enjoy (books, toys, nature, just about everything).


Today I rejoice in the fact you are 3 years, old, but I also wonder where the time has gone. It seems like only yesterday that you were this sweet little baby, so innocent, all cuddled up in my arms. Now you are getting so independent, you dress and undress yourself proudly, put on your own shoes, brush your own hair, brush your teeth, let’s just say there isn’t much you don’t do all on your own.

For me it has been fun teaching you all these things and watching you focus, and be so focused on learning all that you can.  I know for Papa, he has been amazed over all that you are learning, just like yesterday when you informed him that a sentence was actually a question due to the question mark at the end.

I look forward to the next year with you, being your Mama, Mommy, Grandma, and teacher. I love you very much!

Love,  Mama!

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  1. I love this heartfelt letter. Selena is so lucky to have you in her life. What she is is what you made her to be. Happy birthday, Selena!

  2. This warms my heart. What a blessed little girl Selena is to be so loved!

  3. What a blessing she is in your life (and you are in her life)! Lovely letter!

  4. I love reading these posts from the heart.

    Selena is such a blessed little girl, as is your family.