Sunday, December 6, 2009



We woke up this morning to snow! I knew we would as it had snowed last night before Michael and I went to bed. I told Selena to go look out the window.

Selena: “Snow! Oh how Beautiful”

Me: “Do you remember the snow from last year?”

Selena just gave me a blank look then continued to look at the snow.

Michael was getting ready to go do a few quick errands. Selena turned around and looked at me, “Oh no Papa is stuck!”

I asked her, “What? Papa isn’t stuck.”

Selena, “Yes Papa’s van is stuck in the snow, Papa is stuck!”

Then I realized she did remember the snow last year, as we did get stuck for almost a week the week of Christmas and couldn’t get home for our Christmas.

This is the usual amount of snow we get here. It didn’t melt today as it never got above freezing, and with the wind chill factor it felt even colder, but the wind sure blew our snow away! We are under quite the Arctic Express right now so it is bitterly cold. I have seen it colder on the other side of the State, try 60 below with the wind chill factor. It isn’t that cold here, but it is still cold!

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  1. I think your Arctic Express brings chilly rain here. The weather was nasty for the last couple of days. At least you got to enjoy seeing snow again.