Saturday, December 5, 2009

Our finished Tree

Now with night time here I was able to get some decent pictures of our tree. My husband asked me, “Why do we have so many ornaments?” I reminded him, “We’ve only been collecting ornaments for the past 26 years.”

I still remember our first tree, it filled up our entire living room and was decorated with stringed popcorn and cranberries. Then I made cardboard stars and covered them with Aluminum foil. It was Christmas!

100_1840 100_1839

Just a few of my favorite ornaments and some of my homemade ones too.




You might have to click on the pictures to see them better. All the pink and blue angels on the white back grounds I made. The backing is pieces of Satan out from a quilt top that my Great Grandma made for me. I love those ornaments and will treasure them for a lifetime.

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  1. It's a beautiful tree, and it's great that you have memories from so many years - homemade and bought. All our decorations are from our years together, but it's only 5, not 26. We realized while decorating that we already have too many, but we plan to put together a garland for our dining room and put some extras there.

  2. Your tree is so pretty Debbie! It is so special to have handmade ornaments/decorations isn't it? Means so much through the years.