Thursday, December 31, 2009

A New Year

Tomorrow we will no longer date everything with 2009, but instead will have to get use to writing 2010. How many of you begin the first of the new year catching yourself writing the wrong year on everything you have to date? I know I seem to void more checks, when I worked, used more white out, shredded and started documents over. It just always seemed like something that took weeks for my mind to adjust to.

I know many people make resolutions for the New Year, I however have found that resolutions never seem to come about for me. I can make them, write them down, really work hard at making them happen, only to slip them onto the back burner for the next year, to start all over and end up with the same results. I like to go into the New Year, just knowing that I will be a year older, spend another great year with my family and friends, and continue to strive at being happy with where I am at in life.

We have no plans to see the New Year in with grand parties, fireworks, and doubt we will even stay up to give each other the first kiss of the New Year. Instead we will probably go to bed as usual and awake in the morning to announce Happy New Year! Then start making plans for my Birthday.

With all that said I look forward to another great year enjoying the joys that Selena brings to me. Another wonderful year of knowing I am married to the sweetest kindest man ever. I also look forward to seeing a New Year of making new friends, getting to know all of you just a little bit better, and sharing all our experiences.

So to all my friends here in the blog world let me just say:

Happy New Year!


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  1. sounds like you will have a nice quiet evening! When is your birthday Debbie?

  2. Happy New Year! We are celebrating with the night of board games with our best friend. I am wishing you a peaceful and healthy year.

  3. Happy New Year to you too Debbie!

    I hope today has been a good day for you and your family.

    I don't make New Year's resolutions either for the same reasons. Instead, I just try to realign and refocus in areas I see I need too.

    I hope this year is filled with health and happiness for you and your family.