Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanksgiving Traditions

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With Thanksgiving only a week away I thought I would share a little bit about our Thanksgiving Traditions. Michael and I do not always see eye to eye on this holiday. He would rather stay home and just have an “Us” Thanksgiving, of course he never minds if I invite someone into our home for Thanksgiving Dinner, but he just doesn’t want to go anywhere. Why? Good answer, he loves to have the homemade turkey soup with homemade noodles that I make every year from the turkey carcass!

I on the other hand love to go be around my family rather it be church family or my real family it doesn’t matter, Thanksgiving isn’t Thanksgiving to me without family and friends to share it with. I realize my family doesn’t get together anymore for the any of the Holidays since our parents and eldest sister have passed away, but I still dream that we will.

Michael thought he was going to get out of going anywhere this year, especially since we are having a big Thanksgiving dinner at Church on Sunday. He has been planning our meal, just exactly what he wants on the menu, complete with of course the size of Turkey we need, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, you know the works. Well he got a shock today, as I called and left a message on his phone, (since he refuses to use the bluetooth and will not talk while he drives, SMART MAN) that we are driving to Sumner and having Thanksgiving dinner with my Uncle Wayne’s family AND I am taking the raisin pie!

My husband being the sweetheart that he is, gave in and realized he is powerless over my quest to be with family. On one condition that I make him a complete Thanksgiving dinner at least two weeks out, and top it off with his favorite homemade Turkey noodle soup! (We will be having HAM for Christmas! I will be sick of Turkey by the time this venture is over!)

We have gone around about this since we moved here. We get an invite every year from either Selena’s Nana to spend Thanksgiving with her family or my Uncle. I always choose my Uncle’s since well, you know he is my Uncle! Oh we have spent one Thanksgiving with Nana and her family and did have a very good time.

So come Thursday morning we get to pack up my raisin pie (my Uncle keeps begging for a raisin pie like his mommy use to make) and head off on our way to Sumner, about an 1 1/2 hour drive away, and enjoy a feast with Uncle Wayne, Aunt Edith, and all their kids, grandkids, and great grandkids. Ok now the little joke behind the raisin pie, my Aunt Edith’s version of raisin pie is simply put it is like mince meat pie but made with raisins. She has tried to serve it to Uncle Wayne only to be told it is not Mama's raisin pie. She throws her hands in the air and tells my Uncle that nothing is ever like Mama's. Well, Mama's raisin pie was not mince meat pie, it was the real raisin pie, made only with raisin in a thick sweet sauce! (I truly get a kick out of those two!)

Now everyone wish me luck, as I have never made raisin pie before, I never tasted my Grandma’s raisin pie, and had to call an Aunt to find out how Grandma made it!

Of course our greatest Tradition is to just be Thankful for all that we have!

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  1. I am with you. I love being with family for Thanksgiving. With our move to NY getting closer I have already begun to think about what we are going to do for next yrs holidays. Thanksgiving is the one I for sure want to spend with family. However, mine trip will be 5 hrs. Consider yourself lucky.

    We will spend Christmas and Easter at home by ourselves.

    Having just said that I am alrady felling horrible. We spend every holiday with my hubby's fam and now that will all change. Here come the tears. Ok so, the good thing is now Thanksgiving will be with my fam and it has been about 16 yrs since that has happened. I guess 5 hrs is nothing like 16 yrs.

    And you said it, "Just be thankful for what we have!"

    Good luck with the raisin pie!

    Sorry, that was a comment and a half at least.

  2. I love spending Thanksgiving with my family. The tradition is that my parents come to California on Thanksgiving, and we visit them in the summer. I am really looking forward to my mom's turkey :)

  3. I enjoyed reading this post.

    I am going to post about ours next week on Friday. I hope you all enjoy Thanksgiving and are all very happy and healthy too!