Thursday, November 19, 2009

PreSchool Corner Week in Review


This week was a little different with Selena, maybe it is because we started the week out with her not feeling real well. I also think she is getting tired of having her picture taken all the time, go figure that my little ham not wanting her picture taken, anyway we are going to go with the flow and cut back on pictures for a while.

She did very well on her workbook pages, though at times she was a little reluctant about doing them, until she got it through my head she wanted to work on them on the floor for some reason. So today we moved that part of our school into the living room where I let her do her work using her Doodle Pad as a hard surface.

100_1755  We were working on Jj this week. Selena is now trying to write her letters, though I do not encourage her, I will not discourage her either.


We continued to work on Patterns by making orange and yellow hand prints that say Happy Thanksgiving for our window. Selena really had fun with this activity, especially when I wrote the letters on them, and she had to put them together to form the words.


She had a little too much fun with the Art Box!


Her stART project was Big Success, and you will all love to know that Elmo is now potty training with the assistance of mommy Selena!

Selena wanted to be more independent with her phonics work and reading this week. She read her Progressive Phonics to her Mini Mouse, all by herself, and yes she did know the short vowel “e” words. I was very proud of her as we have really only started on this book, but she was able to read at least half of them by herself.

We got to the library this week, and even before I could get a chance to read her books to her, she lined up her stuffed animals, and was reading the stories to them. One of the easier books, was almost word for word, the other harder books were her own made up stories from the pictures, and some of the words on the page, but they were quite accurate. She will be reading independently before we know it. While I was proud of her quest to be more independent in her reading, it saddened me a bit as she truly did not want Grandma reading much to her this week. She would pull the books from me and inform me that Selena can read them.

We did have some very special Grandma/Selena time, as I let her pull me into her little imaginary stories, and played along with her story lines. Her little stories are getting more and more complex all the time.

On a side note and a little funny, when I announced we would be going to Uncle Wayne’s for Thanksgiving Dinner, she asked me if he (8o yrs old) would be riding his motor bike! She was thinking of my brothers Uncle Ken and Uncle Bill who visited her on their motor cycles. When I explained wrong Uncle, that this is the one we visit when we go to watch the parade, Selena started marching and saying BOOM BOOM up the street being TOO LOUD! At least she remembers the details!

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  1. What a great week. Selena is a very independent little girl who wants to do things her own way. It does sound like she will be reading before you know it.

  2. Even though she'll be reading soon, she'll still love that time she spends with you ~ and I'm sure you'll still be reading to her lots! :)

    Those handprint patterns are great!

  3. Crumpet gets tired of having his picture taken for these posts too! I love that she is reading to her animals. So sweet!

  4. A change of scenery can work wonders with children. Savvy will often ask if she can do an activity on the floor. If it is practical to do so, I just go with the flow.

    I like your idea of using different coloured hand prints to create patterns and for letter recognition.

    Nothing can, or will ever, replace cuddling up with you and sharing a good story together. Selena just may be the story teller for a little while.

    My little girl also makes up stories, often before she goes to sleep. We can hear her telling of all sorts of adventures.

    I like the idea of using a cloth diaper (we call them nappies here in Australia) to make a blanket for Elmo. It's alsways fun to create on new and different mediums and textures.

  5. Love that Elmo is being potty trained! That is fantastic. Looks like a great week!

  6. Way to go, Elmo, hope you are potty trained soon! Hee hee. Selena is so funny, how neat that she can read so much on her own now. Matthew climbs in bed with me and "reads" me a story first thing every morning, I have to remember to cherish those moments, they will be gone all too soon. I have a feeling all the picture taking doesn't make M too happy either, I'll have to re-think how we are doing with that. You had a great week. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  7. That's funny about Thanksgiving:-).

    My Jack loves Elmo. Cute he's potty training too.

    Joe does the same thing with the stuffed animals at the library.

    Hanna still enjoys me reading to her!!