Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Selena’s Protest to No School

All week Selena has been very good about not having school, she has enjoyed just playing, reading books, and spending time with Papa and myself. I guess today she decided enough of “No School”, either that or when I started baking my pies, she figured she should be included in the effort like we did in the past. For what ever reason she decided she wanted to make crafts. I put her a craft box together, this time with crayons, scrap paper, scissors, and a glue stick. I told her to craft to her hearts content.

100_1784 Her final piece of art! I gave her a piece of white card stock and wrote Happy Thanksgiving on it, she did the rest!

Then this evening she started in again, she wanted me to do a craft project with her. I gladly said yes, and asked if she would like to make a Thanksgiving Card for Uncle Wayne. She agreed and informed me she wanted to make turkeys two one big one and one little one.


It has been nice to have so much time off, but I guess Selena felt it was time to get back to her fun school. I wasn’t planning any posts this week, but how could I not share her master pieces today!

We are wishing all of you a Happy Thanksgiving! We hope and pray that you all stay safe especially if you are traveling for Thanksgiving and for safety for all your families who may be traveling as well.


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  1. It's awesome that Selena wanted to do crafts on her own. She looks so pleased with the results. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. She did great! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. This is a cute post!

    I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving Day dinner, time with family and that truly special memories were made!

  4. It cracks me up when they HAVE to do something. And isn't it warming to your heart when they're have to do is something you want them to do?